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What are cookies?

What are cookies and how to we use them?


A cookie is a text file which is created by your web browser to store information in your computer that can be remembered whilst you navigate. Since cookies are not programs, they do not contain viruses or other malicious software. They are just a text file with letters and numbers,

There are two main types of cookies – session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies only stay there in a single visit and are then automatically removed by your browser. Persistent cookies stay in your computer even when the browser has closed down, so that next time you visit that website, it can read the information. Persistent cookies also have an expiry date when they are automatically deleted. This can vary from a few minutes to years. Our website’s cookies are automatically removed after 1 year.

We use session cookies to help us count the number of visitors to our website. It is just a unique identifier for each visitor and does not contain any personal or identifiable information. We also use session cookies as part of the process of sending web pages to your browser. These are essential and no website using Microsoft technology can work without these cookies.

We use persistent cookies as part of Google Analytics, which are used by most websites. This allows us mainly to differentiate between first time visitors and repeat visitors. They do not contain any personal or identifiable information. If you want to know more about Google Analytics use of cookies, have a look at this link

We also use our own persistent cookies to remember which items you put into your basket. That means that you can close your browser and come back later when you are ready to checkout without losing all your items in the basket or just to remind yourself on what items you were interested in. This is part of our website’s architecture, and our website would not be able to function without it. These cookies are cleared once an order has been placed. Otherwise, they stay there for a year (you can of course, clear them at any time through your browser, see below).

We also use persistent cookies to remember your preferred language, currency and delivery country. Without this, you would have to enter this basic information each time you visited our website, which can be a bit annoying when you are shopping online.

Lastly, we use a number of persistent cookies by the servers that run our website. These just have essential technical information which allows our servers to function. There is no personal or identifiable information in them.

All our cookies are our own, that is to say they are ‘first party’ cookies. This means that any cookie we set in our website can only be read back by our website. The cookies are not accessible to any other websites. We do not use ‘third party’ cookies which would permit this sort of behaviour by other websites.

You have full control of your cookies!

Well, you can remove all these cookies if you do not want them in your computer. Have a look at for further information. There is also much more information on this website about cookies in general.

Just remember that when you come back to visit us, you will need to enter your information again.

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions about how we use cookies please contact us by sending us an email to