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Natural Dog Treats

Whether you have a new puppy in the family or are looking for natural dog treats to reward your four legged friend for good behaviour, dog and puppy treats are a great training aid. Your dog will go crazy for one of their treats, cooperating with your commands in order to enjoy their reward, helping you communicate with your dog to teach good behaviour. Alongside the practicality, finding natural dog treats with only the best ingredients to help them get the nutrients they need will ensure you are feeding your dog goodness which will aid their development. Shop our range of dog and puppy treats to find the perfect product for you.

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When to Use Natural Dog Treats

There are various reasons to use your dog or puppy treats, keeping them on hand to grab as and when you need them. For both training and development purposes, there are a heap of benefits involved once you have found the best dog treats for your pet. Whether you are encouraging them to head off to their dog bed or walk into their dog travel crate, dog treats will become your best friend!

The process of rewarding your dog is hugely beneficial for their development. When a dog follows a command and is handed a tasty treat whilst being praised by their owner, it is a great encouragement for them to continue with their good behaviour and please their human friend. Using the best dog treats to train your dog new tricks or teach them new behaviours is a very effective procedure; tasty food is a key driving factor for dogs and will inspire them to cooperate.

As well as being particularly effective when teaching a new cue, dog and puppy treats are good for teaching prompts. By keeping a treat in your hand with your fingers firmly closed, your dog will be able to smell the tasty treat and will follow your hand in search of the dog treats. This is the ideal opportunity to teach them to follow motions and learn what is required for their owner to open up their hands for a little reward.

Outside of the benefits for training purposes, dog treats can offer great benefits to your pet’s health. Certain natural dog treats are great for dental health, with natural cleaning properties promoting the health of their teeth and preventing any plaque build-up. It’s no secret that dogs love to chew, tucking into natural dog treats containing plenty of nutritional goodness is beneficial for their diet, keeping them fulfilled instead of turning to your household items to chew up!

Types of Dog and Puppy Treats

Here at Canine Concepts, we are all avid dog lovers and ensure that we stock a range of the best dog treats to offer you and your four legged friends great options. Carefully designed to offer a range of benefits which are just right for your dog, shop dog and puppy treats to find the best option.

For pets with sensitive digestive systems, natural dog treats ensure that they can enjoy tasty treats without suffering the consequences. Our natural dog treats contain absolutely no artificial colourings, flavourings, wheat or added sugars and are oven baked to lock in all of those nutrients and yummy flavours. In addition to being suitable for sensitive digestion, the natural dog treats are made with added Omega 3 and Omega 6 to help your pets get all of the goodness they need to thrive.

New additions to the family have different needs; puppy treats are carefully formulated to provide little ones with what they need to aid their growth and maintain their energy levels. Look for puppy treats fortified with calcium, vitamins and minerals to help their bones and teeth stay healthy. Puppy treats are an essential aid for training which will be required quite frequently to teach them good behaviour, looking into the best dog treats that will aid their development is key.

Shop for the Best Dog Treats

Whether you are looking into puppy treats for training or natural dog treats for sensitive stomachs, we offer options for dogs of all kinds. If you are unsure on the best dog treats for your four legged friend, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. The team at Canine Concepts are all avid dog lovers and are very experienced when it comes to recommending the best products for individual dog needs, offering friendly advice to help you find the most effective products.