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2nd November 2018

Avoiding Common Dog Grooming Mistakes Regardless of the breed of...

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5th October 2018

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1st October 2018

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Train your dog to say hello

Dog Trick 1. “Hello”

Really impress your guests when your dog presents his paw to greet them

This is the first trick most dogs learn and it is very easy:

  • Kneel down and ask your dog to sit in front of you.
  • Gently lift his paw off the ground, shake it warmly, then treat and praise him.
  • After doing this a couple of times, instead of lifting his paw, just touch his leg.
  • If he does not get it, help him by lifting his paw a small amount. Praise him regardless of whether he needed assistance or not.
  • Once he has the hang of it, start signal the command with the word “Hello”.
  • You can progress to using an outstretched arm, but build up gradually.
  • You should then encourage your guest to greet your dog in this way, thereby further reinforcing the command and creating a positive experience out of meeting new people.