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Tether Tug – Interactive Dog Toy

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Tether Tug – Interactive Dog Toy


Tether Tug – Interactive Dog Toy

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Tether Tug – Interactive Dog Toy


We just love the Tether Tug!

The tether tug is an interactive outward tug toy to keep your dog happy, stimulated and fit, even when you are not at home!

Dogs love to tug and play. Tugging helps release boredom and stress (and it can save your house from boredom destruction too!). It is great watching your dog tug and pull to his heart’s content, knowing he will be getting his canine instinct released without you having to play tug games with him (saving your shoulder!).

Size Guide

Size Dog Weight Breeds
Small under 7 Kilos soft fleecy tug
Medium between 8-17 kilos small terriers
Large between 18-28 kilos strong pullers
X-Large over 28 kilos strong pullers and bull terriers
Uber over 40 kilos strong pullers

Please note: If your dog is a strong tugger, then go one size up. If you see that your dog is bending the pole almost to the ground, then do not wait for it to bend. Please contact us , as you will need a stronger tether tug.

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Small, Medium, Large, x-Large, Uber


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Tether Tug


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