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Tall T – Wet Paws Pet Drying Absorbent Mitt

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Do you have a four-legged companion that has a habit of trailing muddy paw prints all over the floor?

Then this quality Tall Tails Wet Paws Absorbent Drying Mitt will help to reduce the chance of that happening. As we all know a few minutes in the outdoors can leave any dog messy and muddy, but this absorbent mat can help leave the mess at the door.

Prevent dirty paw prints from creating a mess in your home with the Tall Tails Clean Paws Mitt.

This handy mitt leaves your dog’s paws clean and dry before they enter your living space. A few minutes in the outdoors can leave your dog’s paws messy and dirty, but this absorbent mitt can clean off mud and grime in just a few seconds.

Hang the mitt near your door for convenient access.

Slip your hand into this mitt to quickly and easily clean your dog’s paw.

One-size fits all hands.

Perfect for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment.

The Tall Tails Wet Paws Drying Mitt is perfect for drying muddy and wet paws before coming into a house and it is also wonderful to dry your fluffball with! 

Machine wash & dry.

Weight: 0.200 kg

Height: 12 cm

Width: 19 cm

Length: 6 cm