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Puppy Training Pads
simple solution puppy pads
SS Training Pads
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simple solution puppy pads 4
simple solution puppy pads 2
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Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads

Simple Solution – Puppy Training Pads


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Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads

Toilet train your pup and keep your home clean with Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads. These 6-Layer Dog training pads absorb liquid, trap smells and turn blue to signal that a change is needed.

These 23 in x 24 in pads are particularly good for confined or poorly dogs, as well as for use in pet crates, cars and hotels.

6-Layer Technology

  • ✓ Tear resistant top sheet keeps liquid on the pad and won’t fall apart when wet
  • ✓ Quick drying tissue holds liquids in and under the surface
  • ✓ Super absorbent INSTASHIELD Technology turns liquid into gel to minimise odours and moisture
  • ✓ Odour neutralizing core traps odours
  • ✓ Heavy duty base tissue helps hold any remaining liquids from escaping ensuring all liquids are turned to gel
  • ✓ Leak-proof backing made of polyethylene keeps any excess liquid from seeping onto the floor

Key Features

  • * Scientifically treated with pheromones to encourage pet to use the pad
  • * Sealed edges and plastic backing to protect floors
  • * 15 times more absorbent than newspaper
  • * Can absorb up to 6 cups of liquid
  • * Suitable for all sizes and breeds of dog
  • * Neutralises unpleasant odours
  • * Built-in wetness indicator
  • * Optional Simple Solution Pad Holder available

Available in packs of 14 pads and 30 pads

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14 pads, 30 pads


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