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Savic Dog Residence Mobile Wide Crate

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Savic Dog Residence Mobile Wide Crate


Savic Dog Residence Mobile Wide Crate


Savic Dog Residence Mobile Wide Crate


All of our car crates all completely foldable, fully galvernised and have a removable tray. Although car crates have specific features to make best use of your vehicles space, they also work just as well in homes.

Size Guide 

Type Shape (see below) A Depth (cm) B Height (cm) C Width (cm) D (cm) E (cm) Tray Type Doors
Intermediate 76 Diagram B 76 61 53 10 58 Plastic 1 x front 1 x rear
Large 91 Diagram B 91 71 61 10 73 Plastic 1 x front 1 x rear


When purchasing your dogs car crate there are a few things to consider before making your selection. As you can see our car crates come in a number of different sizes and formats.

Car crate sizing: Many people make the mistake of getting to large a car crate and their dog is not able to avoid sliding and moving whilst the car is in motion. Your dog or puppy needs to be able to stand up in their car crate and be able to turn around.

Crate dividers: Some car crates have removable dividers; these can be useful if you have two dogs. But also if you have a puppy which needs a smaller space until they grow up. Dividers are also useful to compartmentalise an area of your car crate so that other things can be stored there. Many trainers do this to store training gear and water bottles etc.

Car crate slope: Our Trixie Wire Car Crates are sloped at the front (i.e. facing the rear door) and at the back (facing the rear seats). These types tend to make best use of the cars space as most cars have rear seats that slope. Our Savic Residence Car Crates slope only at the front and so provide a little more space for your dogs whilst standing.

Car crate doors: In most cases you will only ever need the front door of your dogs car crate. However, some of our car crates come with additional doors. Depending on the location of the car crate in your car, these may or may not be convenient for internal access to your dog. Some cars have particularly deep boots, so you need to consider if the door can open. Remember the door is on a slope, so it raises as it opens.

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Medium (76cm), Large (91cm)


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