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Dogs in disposable rubber dog boots
red pawz dog boots on dogs
dog in sand


PAWZ Disposable Rubber Dog Boots

PAWZ Disposable Dog Boots


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Pawz Disposable Rubber Dog Boots

Make your outdoor adventures more comfortable by protecting your dog from the scorching pavement heat or the slippery winter ice. Pawz Boots are designed for a snug and comfortable fit without the hassle of zippers or straps. Compared to other booties, they work like a sock and have no padding. This means that your dogs can feel the ground beneath them, giving them the sense of security they need. They are also recommended worldwide by veterinarians for keeping paws dry and protecting them from allergens or chemicals, especially after surgery. Pawz Disposable Rubber Dog Boots can be worn with other canine footwear and have also been proven to suit even dogs who have a hard time wearing boots (greyhounds, whippets, etc).

And did we tell you that they are eco-friendly? These disposable rubber boots are made of natural rubber, they are reusable and easy to clean. Once you see signs of wear and tear, you can replace them without harming the environment. Pawz boots come in different sizes and colors so you can surely find something for every mood and occasion.

Key Features

  • * Fits securely without zippers or straps
  • * Disposable, reusable, waterproof and eco-friendly
  • * Allows full paw motion and maximum comfort
  • * Protects from hot pavements, snow, rain, sand, salt and other irritants
  • * Recommended by vets
  • * Clean paws, clean home
  • * Comes in an affordable pack of 12 boots

Size Guide

Measure from the bottom of the big heel pad at the back to the tip of the longest nail. If your dog’s paw is between 2 sizes, select the larger size. Print the size chart here for reference.

Pawz Size Guide



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Large (Purple), Medium (Blue), Small (Red), Tiny (Apple), x-Large (Green), x-Small (Orange), xx-Small (Yellow)


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