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No Flap Ear Wrap in Denim

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No Flap Ear Wrap in Denim

This highly breathable support system is designed to keep injured dogs ears protected and isolated whilst healing. Can be used for patients recovering from Aural Haematomas, post-surgical protection, cuts and tears to ear flaps, chronic itching and scratching, insect bites and stings, ear canal protection from grass seeds ingress.

  • Denim mesh material is extremely breathable to allow air flow, which is important for healing and can help prevent ear infections
  • Strong flexible plastic spines provide a rigid support system that stops the No Flap Ear Wrap from sliding off the ear and will always bounce back to its original form
  • Flexible spines around the face and the Velcro attachment under the chin keeps an open circular shape around the face and ears which also allows good airflow and excess heat to escape
  • Easy access for ear observation or application of medication – this should help client compliance and improve patient comfort
  • Unique design offers a secure fit
  • Machine washable and hand washable (DO NOT TUMBLE DRY)


1. Put the collar section 1 around the neck allowing a snug fit with an extra space of about 1-2 fingers.
2. Put the upper section 2 around the head. If it blocks peripheral vision, access the spines 6 and trim conservatively, rounding the corners.
3. Refit and repeat step 2 if needed.
4. Secure all Velcro point closures and make sure to tighten the cinch strap 3.

Note: Velcro tabs 4 provide extra length, trim if required. Built-in elastic 5 retracts when spines 6 are trimmed.

Important: Remove plastic spines before washing. Do not tumble dry.

No Flap Ear Warp Diagram

No Flap Ear Warp Diagram

No Flap Ear Wrap Size Chart 2

No Flap Ear Wrap Size Chart 2

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