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blue mesh dog boots on dog pawssummer mesh dog boots in redblue mesh summer dog bootNeopaws Summer Mesh red
Neopaws Indoor/Outdoor shoes for dogs
blue mesh dog boots on dog paws
summer mesh dog boots in red
blue mesh summer dog boot
Neopaws Summer Mesh red


Neopaws Summer Indoor/Outdoor Dog Boots

Neopaws Summer Indoor/Outdoor Dog Boots


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Neopaws Summer Indoor/Outdoor Dog Boots

The Neopaws Summer Indoor/Outdoor Dog Boots protect the dog’s paws from blistering on hot pavements or any abrasive surfaces in and out of the water. These summer boots will protect your pool liners and boat seats too!

These boots are also orthopaedic and are highly recommended by veterinarians. They can provide comfort to dogs who suffer from arthritis by offering extra padding and shock absorption. They are ideal for dragging paws or older dogs who need help with traction indoors, especially on tile and ceramic floors. Additionally, they can also prevent your dog from over-licking or gnawing its paws while protecting its wounds. This allows for a safe, comfortable and eventful summer!

They can also be worn in the snow if warmth is not required.

Key Features

  • * Comfortable, flexible and breathable nylon-mesh upper
  • * Injection molded rubber sole
  • * Extra long Velcro ankle straps
  • * Shock absorbing thick rubber sole great for orthopedic use, made to resemble a real running shoe
  • * Non slip, non marking rubber sole
  • * Sole is formed to cover entire paw area of shoe, rises around the seams to include extra heel reinforcement for maximum durability
  • * Highly visible reflective strip for night time walking, helps pups to be seen day or night

Available in Blue and Red.

Measurement guide:

  1. Click and print out the complete size chart below (black ovals with red paws).
  2. Measure an oval to make sure the chart is printed to scale (same as the size stated on it).
  3. Place the dog’s paw at a normal stance (not spread out) on the oval that you think matches.
  4. The paw should fill the entire oval but the toes/nails should go outside the top black line by up to 0.25″. This would be the right size.
  5. Measure one front and one rear paw since the rear paws are usually smaller.

Complete Size Chart

Size Guide

Neopaws Dog Boots Size Guide

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Blue, Red


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