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Neopaws Regular Performance Dog Boots

Neopaws Regular Dog Boots


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Neopaws Regular Performance Dog Boots (Sold in pairs)

Neopaws Regular Performance Dog Boots are a less expensive alternative to the High Performance Dog Boots. Although the sole differs and offers less rubber over and above the seams than the High Performance boots, the Regular Performance boots are extremely durable. They are ideal for swimming and for protecting pool liners. Additionally, they are great for walking and mild running, in rain or snow, with your dog. These shoes are recommended by veterinarians.

Key Features

  • * Upper portion is made from neoprene rubber with all new Aqua-Blocking features
  • * Sole is made by an injection moulding process for added strength
  • * New toe cap design and reinforced heels
  • Sold as a pair

Important note about dragging paws: You may prefer to use the Neopaws High Performance Dog Boots for dragging paws. To ensure that the boots last longer, use Shoe Goo to reinforce the areas where the dog drags. Please note that if your dog drags its paws, the rubber sole will wear down faster, especially if you walk your dog on hard surfaces.

Measurement guide:

  1. Click and print out the complete size chart below (black ovals with red paws).
  2. Measure an oval to make sure the chart is printed to scale (same as the size stated on it).
  3. Place the dog’s paw at a normal stance (not spread out) on the oval that you think matches.
  4. The paw should fill the entire oval but the toes/nails should go outside the top black line by up to 0.25″. This would be the right size.
  5. Measure one front and one rear paw since the rear paws are usually smaller.

Complete Size Chart

Size Guide

Neopaws Regular Performance Dog Boots Size Guide

*** Please note that it is not recommended to wear these shoes for extended periods of time, or in the heat.

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