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Lead ‘n Walk Soft Training Harness – Black


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Training Harness Lead’n’Walk Soft

  • prevents the dog from pulling
  • for correcting the dog with little force
  • with neoprene padding
  • continuously adjustable webbing tape
  • reflective parts
  • colour: black
  • compliant with animal welfare under § 18 (AT)

About this item

  • with armpit padding
  • easy handling, easy to put on
  • inhibits trial of strength between dog and dog handler
  • for training purposes, not for continuous use as a walking harness
  • fully adjustable

This polyester Lead’n’Walk Soft harness from TRIXIE is easy to put on and comfortable for your dogs to wear, thanks to its neoprene padding. With fully adjustable straps, the design of the harness effectively prevents your dog from pulling you along during walks, allowing you to either stop or guide it with minimum effort. The harness is stitched with reflective piping, ensuring your dog’s safety on late-night walks or in low light conditions.

Size: S-M
Measurements: 45-70 cm/25 mm
Stomach circum.: 45-70 cm
for e.g.: Sheltie

Size: M-L
Measurements: 55-90 cm/25 mm
Stomach circum.: 55-90 cm
for e.g.: Dalmatian

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M-L 55-90cm x 25mm, S-M 45-70cm x 25mm