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Hotterdog Fleece Coat

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Hotterdog Fleece Coat


Hotterdog Fleece Coat

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Hotterdog Fleece Coat


Extremely Water Repellent, Wicking, Breatheable, Warm & Washable Hotterdog fleece dogwear is recommended by caring pet owners, hydrotherapists, vets and dog handlers in the the working and showing field.

Perfect for general weather protection, winter wear for the aged and fine coated, drying off the wet dog, rest and recovery for working dogs, post-operative warmth and protection.

Fleece allows stylish functional dogwear created in flexi fit sizes for canine comfort. Animals uneasy in conventional clothing welcome Hotterdog garments tailored specifically for the dog, not the owner. The top quality fabric does not fade or lose its shape, is machine washable, tumble dries and needs no reproofing to retain its weather proof properties.

Hotterdog polo neck dog coats are made of water resistant, breathable, washable fabric in black, blue, red and green. The dog coat is neatly contoured to the dog’s back, offering complete comfort and warmth with the minimum of fuss, perfect for the less compliant or flexible dog. For speedy drying off with wet dog after swimming, bathing or exercising in bad weather. Lightweight, easy care and weatherproof with a sturdy adjustable belly strap, the dog coat is ideal for the dog and practical owner.

Measure from base of neck to base of tail for correct size. (Please note that the sizes below are for guidance only)

Collar to Tail Recommended


24-28cm 10
29-33cm 12
34-38cm 14
39-43cm 16
44-48cm 18
49-53cm 20
54-58cm 22
59-63cm 24
64-68cm 26
69-74cm 28

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10" (25cm), 12" (30cm), 14" (35cm), 16" (40cm), 18" (45cm), 20" (50cm), 22" (55cm), 24" (60cm), 26" (65cm), 28" (70cm)


Black, Green, Blue, Red


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