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Hotterdog Dog Fleece Jumper

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Our strap-free Hotterdog Fleece Dog Jumper is made in stylish colours and various sizes to fit the comfort of every dog and ensure they remain warm throughout the day. We made sure that it is made of 100% fleece fabric for your dog’s long-wear and protection from the summer or winter season. It is highly recommended for double-coated dogs and post-operative dogs as well. 

Not only that it is made of quality fabric, but our Hotterdog Fleece Dog jumper is water-repellent, making it easier for drying off working dogs after their hydrotherapy, swimming, or bathing time.

Just like any athlete, your dogs will perform better if their muscles are properly warmed up with our Hotterdog Fleece Dog Jumper!

Key benefits:

  • Contoured perfectly to fit from your dog’s torso to legs 
  • A strap-free, lightweight, and easy-to-wear fabric to make your dog move comfortably and adapt easily to the warm and cold weather 
  • Only made with top, quality fabric to prevent discolouration and fade out.
  • 100% fleece fabric to absorb moisture while maintaining body heat 
  • Water-repellent for easy drying of your wet dog

Available in 5 colours:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Green
  • Grape / Wine
  • Red

Size Guide:

Hotterdog Fleece Jumper Size Guide







Care instructions:

  • Turn inside out.
  • For Handwash only
  • Do not iron.
  • Air to dry washing only
  • Use pet shampoo or hypoallergenic detergent on lukewarm or hot water.


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Black, Blue, Green, Red, Wine / Grape