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Henry wag advanced microfibre technology glove
dog glove
dog glove
dog glove


Henry Wag Microfibre Glove

Microfibre Drying Glove

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The advanced microfibre technology in our products makes drying and cleaning your pet easier and contributes to a healthier happier pet.

Cleanliness and hygiene is vital when striving for excellence in pet care. Removing water and dirt reduces the risk of infection and protects interior furnishings.

Care instructions: After use wash at 40 Degrees with a little detergent. Do not use bleach. Can be tumble dried on a low heat.

Henry Wag manufactures products to improve the health and wellbeing of pets and simplify petcare.

How to Use:
Position the internal stitching between your index and middle fingers for control. Gently rub your pets fur with the noodle side of the glove to remove water and dirt. Take care to clean the legs and paws thoroughly. Use the smooth side in the direction of the fur to produce a sheen.

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