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Evening Primrose Shampoo Sensitive Skin – 250ml

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  • Gentle cleansing and conditioning shampoo
  • With 1% Evening Primrose Oil
  • Moisturise dry, sensitive, flaky skin
  • Soothes skin, helping to reduce itching
  • Gives dull coats a healthy shine
  • 6:1 dilution rate, can be used undiluted, use with warm water for dilution
  • 250ml

This Evening Primrose Oil dog shampoo is a mild, gentle but effective frequent-use formula suitable for all breeds. The nourishing shampoo helps to improve coat condition, while the 1% pure, cold-pressed evening primrose oil soothes dry, flaky, sensitive skin. This product can be applied neat, with an adequate amount of warm water to disperse the shampoo throughout the coat, but we recommend diluting the product if you are a professional groomer to get the most out of the shampoo. When possible, allow the animal to stand in the product for a couple of minutes for optimum absorption of the essential oils.

Originally from North America, Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) was once known as “”King’s Cure-All””. This naturally-derived oil has amazing healing and moisturising properties and contains a high concentration of fatty acids and Omega 3, which both boost skin and hair renewal. That makes Groomers Evening Primrose Oil Shampoo great for animals with a range of skin conditions, from dandruff and itchiness to alopecia. Studies have shown that EPO has a significantly beneficial effect when used for allergy conditions, and dull coats with excessive moulting.