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Ergo Cube Food – Standard colours

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For cats to stay healthy, they need to be able to eat naturally. Older cats or cats with arthritis often experience discomfort. The Ergo Cube gives cat owners an ergonomic alternative. The raised feeding bowl reduces the pressure on painful joints, resulting in a more comfortable posture and a happy cat.

Also for long-haired cats, Ergo Cube has the solution. The coat doesn’t hang in the bowl while eating. The shallow design of the Ergo Cube Food is even ideally suited for flat-faced breeds. While eating, the whiskers don’t touch the edge of the feeder while the slots on the inside keep the cat’s food in place.

The Ergo Cube is made of high-quality materials and has 2 non-slip rims for extra sturdiness and stability. The design has been fine-tuned and approved by experts in cat behaviour. This way we can be sure the design is effective. And after use, you can put the Ergo Cube straight in the dishwasher. Handy for humans and pets.

22Wx22Dx16H cm