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Detangle Shampoo – 250ml

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Hair strengthening shampoo for professional grooming use

Deeply nourishing and creates a lustrous shine

Contains pure royal jelly, supporting good coat health

Perfect for lack-lustre, thinning or blown coats

Light, fruity fragrance

Dilute 10:1 with warm water


Give dogs a show-worthy coat they can be proud of by using the strengthening crown coat shampoo. This dog shampoo supports hair growth and can help replenish coats after hair loss, making it the perfect thing for dogs whose coats are thinning, dry and brittle. It’s also particularly good for double and drop-coats for that show-coat look. The formula contains pure royal jelly, which helps to support good coat health by nourishing the hair with vitamins. The end result is a shiny, strong coat, full of vitality.