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Acme Dog Whistles 642 Black

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Acme Dog Whistles 642 Black


Acme Dog Whistle – 642

In stock

Acme Dog Whistle – 642


Whistle training remains one of the most effective means of distance-training your dog (read our article Training with Dog Whistles. Acme have been producing quality dog whistles since 1860 and invented the silent dog whistle in 1935. We sell a full selection of Acme Dog Whistles to meet the varying requirements of trainers. 

210 4750 – 5250 Hz varying pea dog whistles 

All dogs, good for distance and close work. Especially well proven with Spaniels. Available in Black or Orange and with matching ribbon lanyard.

210.5 Single frequency (5900 Hz) dog whistles, frequency varying /- 20% on blowing  All dogs, especially older or hard of hearing dogs. The best of the range for close work. Good sound at gentle blowing. Especially effective with Spaniels. Available in a choice of colours and with matching lanyard.
211.5 Single frequency (4850 Hz) dog whistles, frequency varying /- 20% on blowing  All dogs, good alternative command to the above two models. The preferred Labrador and Retriever whistle. Available in a choice of colours and with matching lanyard?.
212 Single frequency (5050 Hz) whistles, frequency varying only /- 5% on blowing 

Specially controlled frequency. Hard or gentle breath pressure hardly affects the frequency, a great advantage in competitons or for highly trained dogs. One of the best if you only want one dog whistle.

Available in black and oranges and with matching lanyard.

640 Variable pea 3500 – 3150 Hz whistles, plus a single frequency 4000 Hz dog whistle  A combination whistle that is ideal for dogs with longer ear channels e.g. Pointer, Labrador, Weimaraner, Doberman and German Shepherd.
641 Pea dog whistle at 3600hz, plus a single frequency whistle at 5400hz  A small version of the 640 and the preferred whistle for European breeds such as the Doberman and Weimaraner
642 Variable pea 3150 – 3500 Hz whistle plus a single frequency 4000 Hz whistle  Combines two dog whistles to give excellent all round performance
560 Pea whistle with medium pitch (plastic) General purpose whistle, easy to blow and very loud

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