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Dog Rucksack

Included in our range of dog travel accessories, is our dog rucksack, which has proven to be popular choice amongst many small dog owners. Due to the waist strap, the weight is evenly distributed and makes it comfortable to wear, as it’s gentle on the back. Carrying your dog has never been easier than it is now with this Timon dog rucksack, and with the reflective piping and front and top openings, it’s practical for you and your dog.

For dogs that are either injured or old, the Travel Lite Stroller is the perfect solution; your dog can still enjoy the outside without putting strain on their legs. There is plenty of space in the stroller making it a comfortable fit for many small dogs.

Similar to the dog rucksack, is the Henry Wag Pet Booster Seat. Some dogs travel better if they can see where they are going, which is why there are dog owners that opt for booster seats instead of a dog travel crate. The foldable product provides a self-elevated position for small dogs during transit.

Dog Travel Accessories

As well as a booster seat and dog travel crate, we stock the Trixie Dog Safety Car Harness, Julius K9 Seat Belt Connector and Henry Wag Car Seat Protector, which are perfect dog travel accessories that make travelling with your dog easy. For dogs that are older and need additional assistance, we have the Rosewood Travel Light Tri-Fold Pet Ramp that helps dogs get into the car and folds up when not being used.

One of the most popular dog travel accessories is the Boot and Bumper Protector that is available in a variety of sizes to fit different car shapes and dog breeds. Not only will it keep your car clean, but it’s easy to maintain too, as you can put it in the washing machine or simply brush it clean. Not only does it prevent dog hairs to go all over your car, but your dog can travel comfortably in your boot with this protector.

If decide not to use a dog travel crate, the Car Seat Hammock is a safe way for dogs to travel on the back seat, without them falling into the foot well. What’s more, like the protector, your car will be protected from any dust, dirt or pet hair.

For more information about our dog travel crate range, dog travel accessories and dog rucksacks, get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team, today.

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