Dog Behaviour Products

Whether you’re training your puppy or you’re looking for dog behaviour products, at Canine Concepts we have an extensive range of remedial products to help your dog or puppy. From Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads to the Savic Slow Down Dog Bowl that encourages dogs to slow down the speed they eat their food, we have a wide variety of dog behaviour products for you to choose from. We stock the top brands, so you can rest assured that all the products are safe and beneficial for your dog to use. Browse our range of dog behaviour products, below.

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Calming Medication For Dogs

Dogs can get very excited, but also worried too, so finding dog behaviour products, such as calming medication for dogs, that can calm your dog down is essential. The Serene-Um Calming Tablets, which is suitable for cats as well as dogs, is made of natural ingredients, helping to make your pet feel safe. Whether they are travelling in a dog rucksack or medium dog crate on a long journey and your dog feels nervous or there are stressful situations at home, such as bonfire night, you can use this calming product containing natural ingredients and watch your dog relax. If you would prefer, we have calming medication for dogs too, such as Travel-Eze tablets, which reduce motion sickness and can help dogs and cats to travel better.

Containing valerian extract that is renowned for its calming properties, Calming Spot On For Dogs by Beaphar is easy to apply and works to calm your dog, reducing problem behaviour. Additionally, if your dog is hot during the summer, which is causing them to become stressed, the Chillax Cool Pad will cool them down, allowing your dog to relax and calm down. As well as calming medication for dogs, we also have the Company Of Animals Anxiety Wrap that uses gentle, constant pressure and acupressure to relieve stress for your dog.

Dog Toilet Training Products

As well as calming medication for dogs and dog behaviour products, at Canine Concepts we also have dog toilet training products to help prevent any little accidents. The SnuggEase Washable Nappies have four layers of absorbent protection that will keep your floors and dog dry. Suitable for all ages, sizes and breeds, these nappies are ideal for dogs that are incontinent, excitable, left alone, in heat and even dogs travelling that can become anxious.

If you already have dog diapers, but you need to top up on liners, we have Diaper Liners that make use a little easier and increase the absorbency of the diaper. If your dog has an accident, the odours and stains can be very difficult to remove. Fortunately, the Simple Solution Urine Destroyer acts fast using a concentrated cleansing solution that breaks down the proteins from the urine. When it comes to dog toilet training products, this elite product is a firm favourite for many dog and puppy owners as it doesn’t only mask the odours but eliminates them completely! Whether you are travelling, or your dog needs to stay in their crate for a period of time, the Water Resistant Dog Mattress fits into any crate and can easily be cleaned if your dog cannot wait to go to the toilet.

We also stock dog toilet training products for puppies, including the Savic Puppy Trainer Pads that can be used as toilet area in an indoor space. The surface dries within 30 seconds and the quick absorption means that paws are always dry and clean.

If you would like more information about our dog toilet training products, calming medication for dogs or dog behaviour products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have You Got Products For Toilet Training?

Yes, we do! This includes nappies and diaper liners that offer layers of absorbent protection for your dog whilst they are establishing their toilet training.

Do You Have Calming Medication For Dogs?

Yes we do! In fact, they are also beneficial for cats too. These tend to be used when dogs are travelling or on bonfire night, as they make your dog feel safe and relaxed

Do You Have Bowls To Slow Down Their Consumption Rate?

At Canine Concepts, we have a wide range of different bowls in stock, including slow down dog bowls that can help to decrease the speed that they eat their food to avoid any digestion problems.

How Can I Get In Touch?

There are a number of ways you can contact our team. Either fill out our online form, write to us, call us directly or send us an email. We are always here to help with any questions you may have and to assist you in finding the right product for your dog.