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Having a new puppy around brings a flood of energy and liveliness into the home, requiring a lot of love and care. We all know the puppy training process can sometimes be a messy one, especially once they are allowed to venture outside out of the dog rucksack! With odours and mess becoming a frequent occurrence, being prepared with some puppy cleaning products will help you eliminate these in no time.

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5 Ways to Keep on Top of Puppy Hygiene

1) A puppy trainer tray can be used to toilet train your puppy in the house, keeping their raised dog bed nice and dry. The Savic puppy trainer starter kit is our top pick, a waterproof plastic base with silica gel pads for an extra level of protection and absorption of odours. The slip proof tray avoids any wet spots on the floor and unlike pads, cannot be dragged around the house in its mouth.

2) Keeping a puppy cleaner product around the house is a good idea in case of any mishaps. We stock various Simple Solution products including carpet shampoo, stain and odour remover and urine destroyer which are Cleanseal approved and safe to use on carpets, upholstery and all water-safe surfaces. Whether you’re faced with vomit, urine or faeces, puppy cleaning products effectively target pet stains but are harmless to animals.

3) A specialised puppy cleaner shampoo is designed to keep your puppies coat smelling clean and fresh without stripping the essential oils from their fur. As well as improving the strength of their coat and removing any nasty odours, browse the Animology dog shampoo and conditioner range for extra benefits such as treating fleas, ticks and more.

4) Don’t get caught off guard when enjoying walkies with your four-legged friend, you should always carry disposable poop bags around with you. For a more practical puppy hygiene option, how about a poop bag dispenser with torch or clip on poop bag dispenser which attaches to the lead.

5) If your puppy will be travelling in the car after wet and muddy walks, a dry dog bag is a unique solution you never knew you needed! Made from absorbent towelling, your puppy can be placed in the zipped bag up to the neck and the heat from its body speeds up the drying process. Great for keeping mud and dirt away from your nice clean car, the bag means you don’t have to travel with puppy cleaner products and lining the car with dirty towels everywhere you go.

More than Puppy Cleaning Products

There is so much to think about when you have a new puppy, having to keep the house safe of any hazards and finding puppy cleaning products to eliminate any unwanted odours. Keep up to date with the latest news on our blog for plenty more tips and tricks. Covering health, food, dog interaction, puppy hygiene, grooming, naughty behaviour and more, become a dog expert in no time and bring up the well behaved puppy you’ve always dreamed of!

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