Puppy Beds

Finding the right puppy dog beds UK is important to ensure that your new four-legged friend can get the rest they need whilst growing up. Fortunately, at Canine Concepts, we have a wide range of puppy beds for you to choose from, so you can find one that is best suited to your puppy. Browse our puppy bedding, below.

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Finding The Right Puppy Dog Bed

Our variety of puppy beds gives you a lot of choice when it comes to finding the right one for your puppy. It’s important that every dog and puppy has its own space for when it wants to rest at night or nap during the day, as well as a spacious small dog crate. Having a comfy area that your puppy feels comfortable and relaxed in is essential. When looking for the best puppy dog bed, you need to consider if they have any health issues, as well as their age and their personality as to which style of bed will be best for them. Whether you want an original design, such as the Rosewood 40 Winks Grey and Cream Spot Sleeper that is made from a soft plush fabric, or the Chuckit Travel Bed that can be used in their crate or in the garden, it’s important that you take time to choose the right one for your puppy.

Raised Puppy Beds

As well as your traditional puppy dog bed, we also stock raised puppy beds that come with a number of benefits for your puppy. Not only do puppies love them, but they help to keep their bed tidy too. This is because any shed hair just falls through the fabric, as well as any dust from their muddy coat. What’s more, the raised puppy beds are easy to clean around, so you can keep their sleeping area tidy. If your puppy comes in from their walk or playing in the garden and they are slightly damp, you don’t have worry about them getting the bed dirty, as raised puppy beds dry off really quickly.

The light raised bed is easy to lift, allowing you to move it accordingly to find a spot that your puppy feels the most comfortable in. Puppies love to chew everything, but fortunately raised puppy beds are resistant to chewing, so you can be sure that their new bed will last them a long time. Please note that some raised puppy beds will be more suitable for bigger breeds.

For those with a raised puppy dog bed, the Snuggle Tunnel is perfect for keeping them warm during the colder months, and it allows puppies to curl up and hide. Whether you want to use it on its own or with the HiK9 Raised Dog Bed is your choice. We have a range of sizes for different breeds, including cats, ferrets and rabbits too!

Practical Puppy Bedding

In addition to raised puppy beds, we also stock practical puppy bedding. This range includes the Aspen Pet Self-Cooling Mat, which is perfect during hot weather as the mat absorbs the heat from your puppy’s body. We also have the Henry Wag Microfibre Noodle Pet Mat that makes drying and cleaning your puppy a lot easier. The highly absorbent material absorbs more water than a normal towel.

Another popular type of practical puppy bedding we have in stock is the Water Resistant Green Mattress. This can be used in the car or at home and is available in a variety of different sizes for all puppies and dog crates.

If you would like more information about any of our puppy bedding, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can help you to find the puppy dog bed that is best suited for your puppy.

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