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It is important that your dog gets the exercise it needs, even as the darker nights draw in during the winter months. It’s also essential that you and your dog stay safe whilst walking in the dark, and we have a great selection of products to help you stay visible to drivers or other walkers. In this category, you will find all of our visibility products, including dog safety lights and reflective coats. Each has been designed to ensure that you are easy to spot to avoid any accidents or to easily retrieve your pooch if they run off. Browse our full range of products to improve dog visibility at night and enjoy free standard shipping on orders over £55.

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Flashing Dog Safety Lights

One way to make sure that you and your pet are visible in the dark is with a dog safety light, such as the Scarab Beacon Trio. Each of our dog safety lights in the UK easily clips on to a collar to provide a powerful LED glow that gives you all-round visibility. This means that not only will drivers and other walkers be able to see you, but your dog can also provide a torch-like effect to illuminate the path ahead. Our dog safety lights are available in a range of colours, like the Scarab Safety Light Beacon Duo, which offers two flashing colours, or the Scarab Safety Beacon Light Uno, which provides a choice of seven different colours.

Another great use for our best dog safety lights in the UK is to spot them if you are walking in a large space. It’s common for dogs to get excited in a park or on open hills and run off. With our dog safety lights, you will be able to see them, no matter where they end up. However, if you do struggle with recalling your furry friend, you can take a look at our dog training equipment to help improve their obedience.

Reflective Coats For Dog Visibility At Night

If you are walking in a place that isn’t well lit or near busy roads, a dog high vis jacket could be the perfect option to make them easier to see. For a truly bright option, try the Night-Bright LED Jacket, which combines a water resistant coat with a line of LED lights to keep your pet safe in low light conditions. This coat also includes a washable, removable inner fleece layer, so it’s also ideal for the colder weather.

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional, we stock Reflective Dog Safety Coats, which are available in 12 different sizes, depending on your dog’s breed. These coats are made from lightweight, fluorescent, and waterproof material that reflects in low light conditions. They can also be machine washed at 40 degrees, so there’s no need to worry about your pooch finding a muddy puddle! Each of our coats are guaranteed to improve your dog visibility at night, so you can feel safe as you give your four-legged friend their much needed walk in the dark.

Affordable & Safe Products For Dog Visibility At Night

As our customers, we have your best interests at heart and your safety is absolutely paramount when walking your dog at night. All of our reflective coats and dog safety lights in the UK are affordable, and of the highest quality to guarantee longevity. We only offer the best products on the market and would never provide items that could harm you or your pet, so you can rest assured knowing that are dog safety lights are completely pup-friendly. If you need any more information about our range of visibility products or dog safety lights in the UK, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Sell Visibility Products For Puppies?

Of course! Our dog visibility lights will clip on to most collars, but check the product descriptions to see the size details. We also provide a range of reflective coats in a variety of sizes, so we are sure that there is one to fit your puppy.

 How Long Does Delivery Take?

If you order before 2pm from Monday to Friday, we will dispatch your order the very same day. If you choose our Express Courier option, you can have your parcel arrive the next business day. Alternatively, you can enjoy free economy shipping on all orders over £55. Find out more about our range of delivery options here.

What Are The Benefits Of Improving Dog Visibility At Night?

Dogs need to get their exercise, even if the only spare moment you have is in the dark, so it is essential to ensure the best dog visibility at night. By using a dog safety light in the UK, you can allow other people to see you clearly, whether they are walking or driving, as well as light up the route ahead of you. If your dog runs off, it can also be beneficial for spotting them, either in the dark or from far away during the day.