Dog Stairs and Ramps

At Canine Concepts, we have a range of products to help with your dogs’ mobility, whether they are getting into their medium dog crate in the vehicle or onto a higher platform, such as their raised dog bed UK. These dog stairs and ramps are not only beneficial for smaller dog breeds, but can also be used for older dogs needing additional assistance when climbing. From wooden stairs to ramps that can be folded down to put in your car when you travel, we have a variety of dog mobility products for you to choose from, so you can find the right dog accessories for your dog.

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Dog Boot Ramp and Steps

A dog boot ramp can help to prevent your dog from a variety of injuries that can be caused from leaping up and down into the car. These injuries include broken toe nails, trauma to the elbow joint, sprains to wrists, shoulders and legs, slipped knee caps, spinal injuries and foot pad injuries. We have a wide range of dog steps for car journeys, enabling you to find a design that is the most suitable for your dog and their mobility. With the help of a dog boot ramp, dogs can hop in and out of your vehicle with excitement, without needing any assistance from you. Dog steps for car journeys can really make a difference for both your life and for your dog. All of our dog boot ramp range are safe for dogs to use, so you can be sure that your dog can get in the care with ease, without the risk of injury.

Benefits Of Dog Stairs

Many small dog breeds find it too difficult to jump into cars, onto chairs, beds and sofas. However, dog stairs can enable them to access their favourite spots that are slightly higher up, without needing assistance from you. In turn, this provides them with happiness and freedom, whilst they stay safe.

Dog stairs are also beneficial for large, arthritic, obese and elderly dogs that are less mobile. The dog stairs can help to reduce any back or leg strain and pain that can be a result of jumping. By providing your dog with stairs, this allows them to be more independent and comfortable.

Not only do dog stairs benefit your dog, but they also have advantages for owners too. Some dog breeds are too heavy to pick up, especially if you are trying to get them into your vehicle. If you have back problems or you can’t pick your dog up with ease, then the dog stairs can be really beneficial to have and save you from any pain.

Additionally, dog stairs are really useful for elderly dog owners, who are unable to pick up their dog safely. Both indoor and outdoor dog stairs can allow dogs to access the vehicle or furniture without any help that could get them or their owner injured. Dog stairs are a cost-effective way of keeping your dog safe and can help to reduce trips to the vet!

If you would like to find out more or would like help choosing the best dog boot ramp or stairs for your dog, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Canine Concepts, today.