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In addition to providing comfy dog beds UK and nutritious food, it’s sometimes necessary to feed them supplements and remedies too. From supporting joint stress to digestive upsets, skin itch relief and even travel anxiety which requires a dog rucksack, we have an extensive range of dog health care products for you to choose from that are suited to your dog or puppy. With some of the biggest brands in our collection, you can be sure that feeding any of these dog health care products will be safe and beneficial. Browse our dog supplements UK, below.

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Puppy And Dog Health

Caring for your puppy’s and dog health includes ensuring that you adhere to any health problems they have. With our affordable and effective range of dog heath care products and dog accessories, you can help your dog to feel as good as they can.

In our collection of dog health care products, we have sprays, tablets, powder and cream, allowing you to administrate the dog supplements UK in the way that is easier for you. You can treat your dog for fleas and itchy skin with Beaphar FIPROtec Spot-On Solution or worm your dog with Beaphar One Dose Wormer Tablets and even help to manage your pet with urinary incontinence with our Male Dog Diaper Wrap.

It’s recommended that you always have a First Aid Kit for Dogs and Cats available, as it has all the dog health care products inside. Keep it in your house or take it with you when you travel, so you are ready to treat your dog best you can if they have an accident. The first aid kit includes a first aid booklet, which is worth a read when you get the kit, so you know how to apply the bandages and compresses to your dog or cat. The kit also comes with a muzzle loop if the dog gets aggressive or panics, plastic tweezers for splinter removal, a package of bandages, a wound compress, a fixing bandage, adhesive tape roll and alcohol swabs for wound cleaning. If your dog had a paw injury from the garden or even from your walk, it’s suggested that you have a vet boot available to use too.

If your dog is recovering from an injury, surgery or a rash, the Calmer Collar, BiteNot Collar or No Flap Ear Wrap is comfortable for them to wear, and allows them to still eat and drink, but ensures that they can’t reach any stitches or wounds, making them worse.

Dog Supplements UK

For dog supplements UK, we have natural tablets for all problems, including Digestive Upsets, Coughs, Joint Stress and Skin and Itch Relief by HomeoPet. At Canine Concepts, we also stock products by Animology for senior dogs, those with hip and joint problems and prebiotic and multivitamin capsules to keep your dog healthy with freedom of movement. If your dog’s joints suffer from mobility or you want to maintain their coat then our Vetzyme Once a Day supplements are the way to go. These dog supplements UK are easy to feed your dog or cat, as you can put it in their feed or in a treat, making it more appealing to consume. If your dog or cat worries and gets stressed, the Beaphar Cat and Dog Calming Tablets are ideal for bonfire night and during storms due to the herbal properties. What’s more, the Beaphar Calming Home Spray promotes relaxation and a calm environment, which helps to keep your cat settled in a new or stressful situation.

If you would like more information about any of our dog health care products, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have Products Suitable For Travel?

Yes, we do! We have dog ramps and steps to help older dogs into vehicles, as well as car seats and dog crates to keep your dog safe and secure whilst travelling from A to B.

Do You Sell First Aid Kits For Dogs and Cats?

We do sell first aid kits for dogs and cats, so you can treat minor injuries at home and save money going to the vet, whilst caring for your pet if they get injured.

Are There Any Tablets Suitable For Joints?

Yes we have a wide range of tablets for dogs, including tablets suitable for joints. Browse our range to find the tablets that are ideal for your dog and get in touch if you need any information regarding tablets for your dog.

Do You Have Products For Dental Issues?

Yes, we do! Browse our health section of our site to find the product most beneficial to your dog.