Dog Training Equipment

Keep your dog fit, healthy and obedient with our dog training equipment. Ideal for training your dog for an event, we have the perfect dog training aids and dog accessories to ensure a quick recall. At Canine Concepts, we have an extensive range of dog training equipment, so you can find the item that best works for you and your four-legged friend. Regardless of the level you want to train your dog at, our dog training equipment is suitable for all abilities, so you can improve your dog’s skills over time.

From dog training harnesses, dummy vests, dog whistles, dog training dummies, dog agility equipment and much more, browse our range of dog training equipment, below.

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Affordable Dog Training Equipment

From getting your dog fit, to teaching them the ropes for dog agility competitions, we have a collection of affordable dog training equipment that are affordable and durable for all dog owners to use. The Braided Tracking Leash in our range is excellent for teaching your dog to come back to you on demand, giving them more freedom on a walk, but with you staying in control. Typically used for hunting dogs and working trials as tacking lines, these leashes double up as working dog accessories and everyday dog training equipment.

If you are looking for a harness that is both comfortable and practical for you dog, the Julius K9 IDC Powerharness is popular in our range of affordable dog training equipment range. Dogs that have a tendency to pull when you’re walking them can end up hurting their trachea. By wearing a harness, you can help to prevent injury to this area at the same time as giving you more control over your dog.

Dog Training Aids

In order to improve recall and encourage your dog to be more obedient, dog training aids are essential. The Acme Dog Whistle is perfect for both distance and close control, due to the high pitch and solid high frequency tone that dogs respond very well to. Whether you are in town or in the countryside, this whistle is a firm favourite from our range of dog training aids. At Canine Concepts, we have multiple different whistles available in our stock of dog training aids, so you can choose the whistle that works best for you and your dog. If you would prefer, the Trixie Clicker is an alternative to using a whistle and will help to teach your dog commands, including sit and lie down.

For young puppies, who need dog training aids to keep your home clean, the Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads are a great choice. The 6-layer pads absorb liquid and turn blue to show a change is required. What’s more, they even trap the smell, making them ideal for use in a small dog crate, as well as inside.

Working Dog Accessories

At Canine Concepts, we also stock a variety of working dog accessories, which are ideal for retrieval training. For puppies, the Sporting Saint Puppy Dummy is ideal. This lightweight dummy is safe to use as it doesn’t have any loose parts and discourages chewing. For easy marking, this dummy is available in light colours. Included in our collection of working dog accessories is the Sporting Saint – ½ lb Rabbit Dummy, which is covered in rabbit fur to stimulate training with game. Ideal for both retrieval and hunting training before hunting real game, this dummy is made from a durable material.

Not only does our range of working dog accessories include products for dogs, but for owners too. The Firedog Dummy Vest – Hunter (Waxed Cotton) allows trainers to carry multiple dummies at once, making the most of the training session.

For more information about our working dog accessories, dog training aids or dog training equipment, contact our team, today.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Dog Training Equipment?

Dog training equipment allows you to train your dog at home to make them more obedient, but also helps you to develop a stronger bond with your dog too.

Have You Got Training Aids To Help Improve Recall For Your Dog?

We do! Browse our range to find the best training aid for your dog and to improve their recall.

Do You Stock Training Accessories For Working Dogs?

We stock a wide variety of training accessories for working dogs at Canine Concepts. Browse our range or get in touch to find out more.

Can You Advise Me On The Best Training Accessories For My Dog?

Of course we can! Don’t hesitate to contact our team for any help or advice on the best accessories for your dog. We are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have.