Tough Dog Toys

Find strong dog toys that are designed to withstand the test of time against the most playful of pooches. Dogs love to chew and get involved in rough play so find dog toys UK which have been manufactured using quality materials and robust stitching, letting your four legged friend enjoy hours of play without destroying their favourite toy.

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When to Choose Strong Dog Toys

Whether you have an overexcited puppy, large dog breed or a dog who just loves to chew, durable dog toys are a welcome addition for many dog owners. There are certain behaviours which can benefit from tough dog toys more than others, preventing the likelihood of you having to purchase new toys to replace ones that your dog has used to death!

Strong dog toys are recommended for dental hygiene purposes, helping to exercise their jaw muscles and improve oral health. By continually chewing on their dog accessories and toys, it prevents a build-up of plaque and tartar to help keep their teeth in the best possible condition. You may also notice an improvement in their breath as chewing durable dog toys will help remove any deposits of bacteria, giving them fresher smelling breath.

Destructive behaviour is another key reason for dog owners to choose strong dog toys. Excess chewing is a bad habit that can be built up from boredom, stress or curiosity, but can lead to ongoing problems in the household, especially for your furniture and slippers! Instead of punishing behaviour by keeping them in their dog travel crate, providing them with plenty of fun tough dog toys will keep their attention elsewhere and encourage them to save chewing for their durable dog toys.

Our Range of Durable Dog Toys

Finding tough dog toys that your four legged friend loves can be a great success, providing them with hours as fun whilst aiding their development. To avoid the chance of them becoming bored of their strong dog toys and reverting back to chewing your possessions around the house, we recommend having a few different tough dog toys on hand so you can rotate them from time to time to keep things exciting for your dog.

We stock a wide range of durable dog toys so there is a product out there for even the fussiest of little dogs, made from the strongest materials for long lasting enjoyment. All of our tough dog toys are designed with safety in mind, avoiding small parts to minimise the risk of consumption.

Dog ropes are a common choice for strong dog toys thanks to their strong material which is able to withstand the force of your dog’s pull. Tug of war is a great form of interactive play, enhancing the bond between owner and their four legged friend, making a great addition to play time. Browse our range of dog ropes amongst our tough dog toys to find the best option for you, including designs which can be used by two dogs at a time or between owner and dog.

As well as durable dog toys which are great for playtime and chewing, plush toys are a great little companion for your dog. They are designed to be soft and machine washable so their adorable friend can be carried around with them wherever they go without the worry of dirt and damage. The plush toys within our range of tough dog toys have been designed to ensure that dogs can have the most fun at play time, whilst staying safe too. If you would like more information about any of our strong dog toys, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are strong dog toys suitable for large dogs?

We have an extensive range of tough dog toys which are designed to be durable and heavy duty so even the strongest of dogs can enjoy playtime. They have been designed to last longer than ordinary toys and can provide hours of entertainment for your dog.

What are the benefits of plush toys?

Plush toys are not only fun for dogs to play with, but they can also be comforting to dogs and puppies. By choosing strong dog toys which are soft yet durable, they can be carried everywhere they go.

Are rope toys safe for dogs to play with?

Yes. Durable dog toys such as tug of war ropes provide lots of fun for dogs on their own, with their owner or even another dog, as long as they are used with caution.