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Chew toys for dogs are great for stimulation and keeping boredom at bay, but many pet owners struggle to find durable chew toys which can withstand their dogs play time. We stock some of the best chew toys for dogs which can suit even the toughest of chewers, keeping your four legged friends occupied and away from your slippers!

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The Benefits of Chew Toys for Dogs

Often regular chewing is seen as a negative behaviour, but it is a natural instinct and there are actually a whole host of benefits associated. Teaching your pet to use chew toys for dogs and dog accessories rather than your household possessions can take time, but finding chew toys they’ll love is a great step in the right direction. Here are just a handful of the benefits associated with the best chew toys for dogs:

  • Improved dental health
    Regular use of chew toys is great for preventing the build-up of tartar and cleaning their gums. Any deep grooves are great as the teeth rub closely against the chew toys to keep them clean and smooth.
  • A better alternative to bones
    Although bones are a common choice, they can potentially be dangerous, especially if cooked. Issues can include chocking, damage to teeth and digestion issues which can all require a trip in their dog travel crate for veterinary treatment.
  • Keeps your furniture safe
    Dog chew toys provide mental stimulation to keep their focus on chew toys rather than looking for entertainment of their own! Chewing is a natural instinct and chew toys for dogs can help teach them that gnawing on your furniture is not ok.
  • A great distraction
    If your dog or puppy shows signs of separation anxiety and dislikes being away from their human companions, dog chew toys keep them distracted and focused on their solo play.

The Best Chew Toys for Dogs

Here at Canine Concepts, we have created a wide range of chew toys to suit all kinds of dogs. With extra strong dog chew toys available, find the option to best suit your four legged friend according to their habits, size and strength.

The safety of your dog is our number one priority so we ensure that our range of dog chew toys are safe to use and are appropriate for your pet, avoiding small parts which could be swallowed and cause harm. Most of our chew toys are safe for younger dogs but we recommend taking a look at our specially designed puppy toys which are created especially with puppies in mind. Each individual product description includes further details and recommendations to help you choose the best chew toys for dogs.

If you need any advice on the best dog chew toys for your pet, do not hesitate to reach out, we’ll be more than happy to advise! Alternatively, if you have chosen the perfect chew toys for your four legged friends, we offer free economy shipping on all orders over £55, dispatching orders made before 2pm on weekdays the very same day.

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