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Keep your dog entertained and fit with our extensive range of tough dog toys, squeaky toys, training toys, plush dog toys are more! Our toys are durable and tough so they stay intact for months as your dog plays with them, without having to be replaced. Browse our range of fun and tough dog toys, bound to leave your dog ready for a good nights sleep in their dog beds UK.

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Benefits Of Tough Dog Toys

There are so many benefits of buying dog accessories and toys for your dog. As well as keeping them entertained and not bored, which is especially important when they are younger, but playing with tough dog toys can also help to provide your dog with mental stimulation too. Having a toy for your dog to play with can also help to discourage any destructive behaviour, so they will choose to play with their tough or plush dog toys instead of your favourite shoes!

Whether you are at work for the majority of the day or you work from home, by providing your dog with a toy, you are giving them an outlet for their physical energy. This is particularly beneficial if they cannot go on as many walks or if you have limited garden space. If you have another dog or puppy, then tough dog toys are ideal for encouraging socialisation with other dogs.

Whether you give them a tug of war dog rope toy or animal plush dog toys, as they play with the toy it can help to exercise their jaw muscles, as well as promote their dental health. What’s more, having toys to play with, such as a dog rope toy, is ideal for increasing the bond between owner and dog!

What To Consider When Buying Tough Toys

When buying toys for your dog, it’s important that you look at the durability and the materials that they are made out of to ensure that they are safe for your dog or puppy to use. At Canine Concepts, we make sure that our dog toy range is safe for all dogs and puppies to play with. Our tough dog toys don’t have any small parts that could be consumed. What’s more, all our dog toys have a description on our website, which includes the material they are made out of and whether they can be washed, so you can keep your dog safe whilst they’re having fun!

Dog Rope Toy Range

We have an extensive dog rope toy range, which is ideal for dogs playing on their own, with other dogs or even their owners. Due to the rope being a strong material, they are able to withstand the force of the dog playing with the toy. The tug of war dog rope toy is popular with our customers, as it’s perfect for interactive play! We keep all our prices affordable, including our tug of war dog rope toy, which can be used by two dogs at a time or between owner and dog.

Plush Dog Toys

In addition to having our dog rope toy range, including our tug of war dog rope toy, we also stock plush dog toys. These are not only soft and machine washable, but they look adorable too! Plush dog toys can be used in a number of different ways by dogs; some choose to carry them around as they see them as a companion, others choose to shake their plush dog toys around a bit more! Therefore, ensure that your new plush dog toy is sturdy and durable enough to withstand whatever your dog chooses to do with it when they play! Fortunately, at Canine Concepts, all of our toys have been carefully designed to ensure that dogs can have the most fun at play time, whilst staying safe too!

If you would like more information about any of the dog toys in our range, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have You Got Durable and Tough Toys?

We have a very extensive range of dog toys at Canine Concepts, including durable and tough toys. These have been designed to last longer than ordinary toys, such as plush toys and can provide hours of entertainment for your dog.

What Are The Benefits Of Plush Toys?

Plush toys are not only fun for dogs to play with, but they can also be comforting to dogs and puppies, as well as soft to sleep on if they are in their bed.

Are Rope Toys Safe For Dogs To Play With?

Yes they are and rope toys provide lots of fun for dogs on their own, with their owner or even another dog.

Do You Stock Balls?

We do stock balls at Canine Concepts. Browse our range of dog toys to find the most suitable for your dog.


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