Towels and Shampoo for Dogs

Towels and Shampoo for Dogs

Keeping your pet clean can seem like an uphill battle, especially if they love jumping in muddy puddles and then jumping in their raised dog bed UK with muddy paws at any chance they can get! Luckily, we have a fantastic range of shampoo for dogs as well as soft and cuddly dog bath towels and other dog accessories that are sure to make the clean-up operation as enjoyable as possible for all parties involved. The range includes sensitive dog shampoos and conditioners to deal with a range of coat types and issues as well as high quality cleaning mitts and towels that will have your pooch dry in no time at all. Shop the range below.

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Do You Need Shampoo for Dogs?

Whether your dog absolutely loves bath time, needs a little coaxing with their favourite toy or can’t stand being washed, keeping your pet clean is a necessity. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you have shampoo for dogs you could need close at hand to make the experience as enjoyable and keep your pup happy when in the water, wrapped up in their dog bath towel… and until they’re dried off and ready to jump back into their dog travel crate and ready to immediately roll in muck!

Dogs really don’t need to bathe as often as we humans do – every other week is a pretty good schedule to stick to, but some breeds are able to go up to three months between baths. Overbathing your dog can lead to skin irritation and dryness, so you only need to do it if your dog is noticeably dirty or smelly. If you do need to bathe a mucky puppy with some regularity, try switching to a sensitive dog shampoo to keep the potential irritation to a minimum. Using the right shampoo for dogs will allow you to avoid overbathing your pup as well as giving the best and longest lasting benefits from each bath.

Top tip: give your dog a thorough brushing before a bath to remove excess fur and tangles. This grooming session will allow you to get the shampoo for dogs right where it’s needed and minimise discomfort for your pup during bath time. Afterwards, wrap them up in a dog bath towel to keep them warm while they dry off.

Heavy Duty Yet Sensitive Dog Shampoos

How do you go about choosing a shampoo for dogs? In the same way that we choose shampoo for our own hair based on the scent, ingredients and the promises it makes to address specific concerns, there are a great variety of dog shampoos too. So, whether your pup has a specific skin concern that you need to consider or has a tendency to get unbelievably muddy during walks, we have a great range of sensitive dog shampoos for you to choose from.

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty cleaner for the messiest of dogs, we have the fantastic Seriously Dirty shampoo for dogs, or if you’re looking for a sensitive dog shampoo, our Derma Dog shampoo is ideal. We also have fantastic shampoos that help control excess moulting or deal with fleas and ticks, as well as formulas to keep white and black coats at their most vibrant and brilliant. The range also includes a lovely formula that has been specifically designed for use with puppies, minimising bath time while ensuring that your young puppy’s coat is clean and fresh.

All of our sensitive dog shampoos have a deep cleaning action but are mild enough that they don’t strip the essential oils from your pet’s skin. It’s also incredibly important that a shampoo for dogs is able to effectively deodorise your pet, and we have a fantastic range of scents available, including calming lavender as well as fresh fruit and berry scents such as mango, pineapple and berries. Whichever you choose, your precious pet will be clean as a whistle and smelling fresh, ready to wrap up in their favourite dog bath towel.

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Here at Canine Concepts, we offer everything you need for an enjoyable life alongside your best friend. In addition to the dog bath towels and shampoo for dogs you’ll find here, we have everything from stylish accessories and dog boots to training equipment and healthcare products. We also have a great range of products for cat owners too!

If you have any questions about the dog bath towels or which shampoo for dogs you should buy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. The team here at Canine Concepts are a friendly bunch of dog lovers and will be happy to help in any way we can!

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