Puppy Grooming Products

Here at Canine Concepts, we are proud to provide you with all the puppy grooming equipment for the new puppy owner instead of having to take them on a costly visit to the groomers in their small dog crate. Whether you are in the market for puppy combs and puppy brushes or flea combs we have that and much more on offer. We understand that puppies are a lot of work, regardless of the bread you have chosen. Therefore, finding the dog accessories and puppy grooming kit that works well for your little bundle of fluff is a great way to get started. When choosing a puppy grooming shampoo and conditioner it is important to remember that harsh chemicals can irritate the skin. Therefore looking into the ingredients on offer as well as finding a puppy grooming kit that makes their coat shine is always a bonus.

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The Perfect Puppy Grooming Kit

With several puppy grooming kit options out there all claiming to be the best of the best, you need guidance from those with expert experience. This is where we come in. Here at Canine Concepts we have experience in caring for puppies and can aid you in finding the right puppy grooming kit for your newest edition to the family, as well as dog beds, a dog rucksack and plenty more. We stock all the popular brands for puppy grooming such as Groomers and Animology for a puppy grooming kit you can trust.

In addition to this, we also provide you with the best of brushes and combs out there for a perfectly groomed puppy every time. Whether you are washing a Labrador or a smaller dog such as a Norfolk Terrier, a little goes a long way when using these products. Regardless of whether you choose the double-sided brush or a traditional comb, your puppy will go from messy and muddy to clean in no time. Who says bath time can’t be fun!

Puppy Grooming & Dog Groom Accessories

If you are a new dog owner and have never ordered a puppy grooming kit before, it could not be easier with Canine Concepts. It is as simple as filling your basket and placing an order with us.

In addition to the puppy grooming items on offer we also have a range of dog grooming accessories for older dogs. Each of our dog grooming items caters to a wide range of breeds and are on hand to aid you in maintaining a healthy coat. Just because your beloved pet is ageing, does not mean that their coat should suffer. With several marvellous lotions and potions for a white coat and healthy coat growth as well as drying bags, towels and brushes caring for your furry friends has just got even easier.

With numerous brands for you to choose from you can continue to trail new shampoos with the best formulation for the style of coat that your puppy or adult dog has. This is a great way of making bathing them pleasant for you as well as providing them with a soft coat that is not irritated by harsh chemicals of any kind. With Canine Concepts ordering your dog grooming or puppy grooming necessities could not be any easier.

Order Puppy Grooming Equipment Online With Ease

Simply check out and we will have your order to you as quickly as possible. Should you order you puppy grooming kit and other products before 2 PM we will aim to have the items dispatched to you the next working day, allowing you to never worry about puppy grooming equipment ever again. In addition to this, we are also proud to offer both old and new customers free economy shopping on a haul worth over £55. With so many options to choose from we are sure that you will find the perfect puppy grooming kit for any dog that you have.

Still not sure about the puppy grooming items that we have on offer? Contact us or leave us a message. We are more than happy to tell you more about our puppy grooming kit and many other products that we offer.