Dog Grooming Equipment

Maintain your dog’s health and happiness with regular grooming. Not only does frequent dog grooming help to keep your dog looking and smelling great, but it helps to retain their healthy skin and coat. What’s more, if your dog has well-groomed coat that is healthy and shiny, they are less likely to shed their fur around the house!

Routine grooming for your dog with quality dog grooming equipment also allows you to thoroughly check over them and identify any signs that your dog isn’t in good health without the need to head off to the vets in a medium dog crate. Early detection of issues with teeth, skin, eyes and ears is essential for the best recovery. Grooming your dog regularly allows you to notice any changes from one groom to another.

Finding the perfect dog grooming equipment including a dog grooming brush and dog comb for your four-legged friend is essential for achieving the best results. With every dog being different, it’s important that you find the dog grooming brush that works best for your dog. Browse our dog grooming equipment in our dog comb and dog grooming brush range, below.

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Finding The Perfect Dog Grooming Comb

At Canine Concepts, we have an extensive range of dog grooming equipment for your dog, so finding the ideal dog grooming comb and brush easy. We stock all the top brands of dog accessories in the industry, so you can be sure that the dog grooming comb or brush you are using is safe and recommended.

There may be a number of reasons why you might be looking for a dog comb or brush from our dog grooming equipment; from de-shedding their hair in their dog beds to regular flea treatment, as well as maintaining a healthy- and good-looking coat. Regardless of the reason, we have a dog comb or dog grooming brush that is suitable in our collection, which won’t break the bank too! The Furbuster Dog Deshedding Tool is a popular choice for dog owners looking to remove loose debris and fur from their dog. The ergonomic handle makes this tool easy to use and control, whilst removing excess hair from both short and long-haired breeds.

If you’re looking for a dog grooming comb to help get rid of matted hair, the  Soft Protection De-Matting Comb is ideal for removing matted hair from dogs with long coats, without losing the coat length. Keeping on top of fleas is imperative for the health of your dog, and with the Furbuster Flea and Fine Comb that comes with a travel case, you can successfully remove any fleas with a quick groom whilst on the go! This dog comb removes the fleas and the eggs and is the ideal size to be used around the eyes and face.

For dog owners looking to keep a clean and tidy house, the Gripsoft Pet Hair Magnet has been specially designed with a rubber blade to remove unwanted hair from clothing, car seats, carpets and furniture – anywhere you can think of finding dog hair! This magnet will even pick up pet hair that the vacuum is unable to get!

Use A Slicker Brush For Dogs

Many dog owners find using a slicker brush for dogs a beneficial way of conducting a full-service groom, but with one dog grooming brush! The large wire on the slicker brush for dogs helps to effectively remove dead hair, debris and tangles, whilst distributing healthy coat oils around the body. The non-slip handle on the popular Furbuster Dog Slicker Brush makes for a comfortable grip too! At Canine Concepts, we also have the Soft Slicker Brush as part of our range. The extra soft metal bristles on this slicker brush for dogs is suitable for all dogs; short hair, curly hair, wire hair and long hair. Another product in our slicker brush for dogs collection is the Grooming Slicker Brush that is available in the size of your choice depending on the breed of the dog; choose from small, medium and large.

If you would like any help finding the ideal dog grooming comb or brush, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team at Canine Concepts, today. We can advise you on the best dog grooming equipment to use on your dog.