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Grooming is an important part of caring for your dog and our extensive range of dog grooming accessories means that you can find exactly what you want to maintain a clean and glossy coat without having to get out the dog travel crate and head to a groomers. Not only does brushing your dog help to stimulate natural oils in the fur and skin leading to a healthy coat, but it also removes any dirt and dead hair, making your dog feel clean too. Using dog accessories for grooming also gives you the chance to give your dog a general health check, looking for any bumps, lumps, fleas, and inspect teeth, ears and eyes. Browse our range of dog grooming accessories and products to find the best dog grooming kit for your four-legged friend, below.

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Dog Grooming Products To Dry Your Dog

At Canine Concepts, we have an array of different dog grooming products, including dog grooming accessories to help dry your dog after a long, muddy, wet walk, such as the Henry Wag Microfibre Glove Towel and the Ancol Microfibre Cleaning and Drying Towel. These towels in our range of dog grooming products are great for removing dirt and water, keeping dirt away from their raised dog bed UK which in turn reduces the risk of infection. The highly absorbent material makes drying your dog easier than before, especially when they are trying to wriggle around when you dry them. In addition to these drying towels, we also stock the popular Dry Dog Bag, which cleans your dog after a muddy walk. Made from an absorbent toweling material, you simply put your dog in the bag and close the zip. While they are in the bag, the heat from their body will increase the speed of the drying process and if the dog moves, it will help to clean the dirt and mud off. We keep our dog grooming products affordable, so all dog owners can regularly clean their dog and grow a stronger bond with their four-legged friend.

Dog Grooming Equipment

Included in our range of dog grooming products and equipment is our selection of high quality dog shampoos, such as the Animology Dog Shampoos and Conditioners. Not only does this range of dog grooming equipment keep your dog clean but smelling fresh too. These shampoos also have pro-vitamin B5 built in, which help to maintain a healthy condition in your dog’s coat. As well as different shampoo and conditioner brands, we also stock the AEOLUS Dog Hair Dryer/Hair Blaster, which is the perfect addition to your dog grooming equipment. This technology provides natural heating, without damaging your dog’s coat. The I Love Pet Head range includes My Paw & Body Wipes, which are perfect for cleaning paws and faces, helping to maintain their appearance and providing you with a chance to check your dog over when using this dog grooming equipment.

Brushes For Your Dog Grooming Kit

If you want to give your furry friend the ultimate groom, we have a number of different types of brushes for your dog grooming kit as part of our dog grooming equipment collection. From our Dematting Comb for removing any knotted coat, to the versatile Furbuster 3-in-1 Dog Grooming Glove that can be used to wash, dry and groom your dog, you can choose the best brush for the job. The Grooming Slicker Brush is a firm favourite amongst customers, as it can remove loose hair and tangles with ease, and with regular use can even reduce moulting.

If you are looking for new brushes for your dog grooming kit, the Rosewood Porcupine Brush is ideal for dogs with thicker and longer coats. Unfortunately, dogs can get fleas, but our Furbuster Flea and Fine Comb comes with a travel case for on-the-go grooming and works well with removing the fleas from your dog’s coat; regular removal or eggs and fleas will help to keep your dog healthy.

It’s always important to keep nail trimmers in your dog grooming kit, which is why we stock the Deluxe Nail Clippers that comes with stainless steel blades for a precise and safe cut, so your dog can walk around with ease. What’s more, our Flavoured Toothpaste for Dogs will help to keep your puppy’s teeth free of tartar and plaque, so they can grow up with a clean and healthy mouth.

For more information about our dog grooming accessories, get in touch with our friendly and helpful team, today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have A Range Of Brushes Available?

Yes! We have a wide range of dog brushes by leading brands, so your dog can enjoy being groomed and maintain a healthy coat.

Do You Stock Dog Shampoo?

We stock various different dog shampoos, so you can treat your dog to a bath with a shampoo that will be beneficial to the skin and coat.

Do You Sell Dog Grooming Accessories?

Yes, we do. We have many dog grooming accessories available for you to buy from Canine Concepts, so you can keep your dog looking and feeling great.

Have You Got Drying Products Available?

At Canine Concepts, we have drying products available for your dog. This not only saves time, but is ideal on cold days when you need to wash your dog.


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