Metal Dog Crates

Although most steel dog crates (also know as wire dog crates) look very similar, but there are differences that can make a big difference. The wire thickness used in metal dog crates tends to be the main factor in the price. Cheaper dog crates nearly always have thinner wire. This does of course mean they are lighter to carry, but it also means they are not as strong. Lighter crates are prone to warping and some dogs can cause the wire to bend by chewing it. In our view, you are going to have a steel dog crate for at least 6 months, if not for the life of your dog. So why compromise, get a decent quality one that will still look good and work well in a few years.

Other features to look for in your steel dog crate are to make sure the crate has a removable crate tray and twin locks on the doors. They should by either powder coated or zinc coated (galvanised) if the crate is to be outside.

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