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A dog crate is handy for all dog owners, due to the versatility and durability the containment has. Designed to keep dogs and puppies safe and secure, a dog crate comes in a variety of sizes, including large, medium and small, and an array of designs, making them suitable for different occasions and dog breeds. Due to our extensive range of dog crates and carriers, your puppy or dog can also travel around with you safely. Browse our dog crate range to find the containment that best suits you and your dog, below.

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Large Dog Crates

If you have a dog of a larger breed, then a large dog crate would be most suited to your furry friend. Providing you have a big car boot, then these dog crates will ensure that your dog can’t move around the car and distract the driver or cause danger to themselves. With locks that are straightforward for owners to unlock, but not your dog, you can rest assured that your dog will remain in the large dog crate throughout the duration of the journey. The Savic Mobile Residence Crate – Sloped has been well designed to fit seamlessly into a car, and the sloped door means that the boot door will never hit the cage. The removable tray, which can usually be found in most dog crates, allows you to clean it with ease, but also add a crate dog bed into the crate for additional comfort during transit.

For dog owners with particularly big dogs it can be difficult to find a large dog crate that will be suitable, however the dog guard has proven to be a popular alternative. The guard stops your dog from climbing into the back seats whilst you are on the road, which encourages them to lay down. You can add dog beds into your boot if you want your dog to have something comfortable to lie on.

Multi-Purpose Medium Dog Crate

In addition to the traditional medium dog crate, dog guard and play pens, you can now also get the fabric pet crate. Made from high quality materials, this medium dog crate can also be used for travelling and at home too. Easy-to-zip and with a fabric mesh window panel on 3 sides, your dog can travel in style. Additionally, if you want to put your dog in a medium dog crate at home and move it around into different rooms, at Canine Concepts we have the perfect solution; crate wheels with brakes and pull rope, which keeps the crate off the cold floor and has lockable brakes to ensure that your dog is always safe and secure when they are in the medium dog crate.

Small Dog Crate

For puppies and small dogs, we have an array of small dog crates that are perfect. From the Indigo Igloo Dog Kennel that can be moved around and is fully insulated to ensure a cozy good night’s sleep, to a Trixie Biker Box, we have an affordable small dog crate that will tick all your boxes. Due to the shape of the kennel, it’s perfect for all year round; retaining heat in the winter and staying cool in the summer.

In addition to the Igloo kennel, the Trixie car booster seat is multi-purpose as it keeps your dog protected with a seat belt, but it also doubles up as a bed too. We have a number of alternatives of transporting your dog from one location to another, so you can choose from a small dog crate to a bicycle bag with mesh hood, whatever your preference.

Dog Crates, Gates & Puppy Pens

As well as dog travel crates, these crates can be used in the house if you need your dog to be safe and not lose around the house. The Savic Dog Gate Extension and Dog Barrier Door are both effective ways to keep your dog in one part of the house, but allows you to still see them. These door gates and barriers are typically used on kitchen doors and at the bottom of the stairs and have proven to work very well, especially with puppies. Additionally, we also have a Puppy Pen, which allows puppies to get used to the outdoors, but not wander off and get lost. The Fabric Pet Play Pen is perfect for both puppies and kittens, due to the soft side panels so they can’t hurt themselves, as well as pegs to secure the pen to the ground, meaning that it can’t move around on its own.

If you would like more information about our dog crate range, whether you are using them at home or on the move, get in touch with our friendly and expert team, today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Dog Flaps?

Dog flaps enable dogs to have more freedom and go into the garden or outside space when they need to, which also helps to prevent any accidents inside.

Are Puppy Pens Safe?

Yes! All the puppy pens in our range are completely safe for puppies to play in. It allows them to begin walking in a safe environment, without other dogs in the house interfering. It also means that dog owners can do jobs around the house, whilst the puppies play together safely.

Do I Have To Have A Dog Crate For My Dog?

They are ideal if you are travelling, as it keeps them safe and secure, without distracting you whilst you’re driving. They can also be beneficial to have in the house and for training purposes too.

Do You Have Different Sized Dog Crates?

Yes, we do. We have a wide variety of dog crates suitable for all breeds and sizes.


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