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Dog Crates & Containment

Dog Crates (or dog cages): These are used to contain dogs and puppies during the night and for short periods during the day. Dog crates are particularly good to help speed up toilet training and reduce a puppy’s anxiety. Most dog crates/cages are collapsible, but styles do vary depending on where they are to be located. Dog crates can come as standard ‘box’ shaped wire crates for your home, dog crates for your car, or even airline dog crates for traveling overseas.

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Dog Kennels: These are typically for outdoor usage and are usually constructed of wood or plastic. Traditional wooden dog kennels are still the most popular types but many people are tempted by low-maintenance plastic dog kennels. Dog Runs: These are outside secure areas for your dog to spend time during the day. Dog runs are usually always made from zinc-coated (or galvanised) steel. During the summer we recommend that you have a roof on your dog run to provide a shaded area for your dog. Puppy Pens: Puppy pens are a great idea for puppies and small/medium sized dogs - please note that they are not suitable for grown-up or larger dogs. If your puppy pen is for the home we would recommend a steel-wire pen as these are the most robust. These can also be attached -with cable ties- to your dog crate to create the perfect puppy environment. If you are traveling you might want to consider a portable fabric puppy pen. These are a lighter alternative and very easy to take on journeys.