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Are you looking for a comfy bed for your dog? Look no further than Canine Concepts. We understand the importance of providing your dog with a comfortable, luxurious bed that is affordable for you. With an extensive range of dog beds UK and mattresses, we have you covered, you can choose the perfect bed for your dog and treat them to a good night’s sleep!

More Than Traditional Dog Beds UK

As well as traditional dog beds UK, we also stock raised beds and Vetbed original bedding, making our variety of beds bigger than any other dog beds UK range. Dogs find comfort in a number of different places, and it varies from dog to dog; some prefer a thin mat on the floor and some may require an orthopaedic dog bed. Regardless of your dogs’ requirements and preferences, you can find the bed you are looking for in our range, even though we all know that they would rather be sleeping on our beds!

Dog Beds UK Accessories

We also stock pet cooling mats, which are ideal for hot days and prevents your dog from overheating. Like humans, dogs can suffer fatal heatstroke, however as they are unable to sweat through their skin, meaning they can only release any heat through their nose, paw pads and by panting. Therefore, it’s important that we help to keep dogs as cool as possible during these warmer days. One of these ways is to use our cooling mats, as they draw in any heat from your dog’s body, as well as provides comfort for pets that have joint pain.

Our range doesn’t stop there either! We have waterproof dog mats to fit inside crates, providing a soft and padded bedding for dogs during transit. Our water-resistant green mattress is also ideal for dogs after a walk in the rain and mud! The Henry Wag Microfibre Noodle Pet Mat uses advanced microfibre technology to make drying and cleaning your dog quicker and easier; proven to be better than regular towels!

Affordable Dog Beds In The UK

At Canine Concepts, we have kept our prices affordable, but ensured that all the products we stock are of the highest quality, guaranteeing your dogs comfort and increased well-being at times. We all like to make sure that our furry friends have the best products and care, after all a dog is for life, which is why our range focuses on providing exactly that.

Why not treat your dog to the Self-Warming Pet Crate Mat by Aspen Pet; the space blanket technology creates a warm environment for dogs during the colder months, by retaining and reflecting the dog’s body heat. What’s more, this bed doesn’t even require any electricity!

All the dog beds UK have been carefully selected to suit all breeds and sizes; our beds come in a variety of shapes and dimensions, so every dog can enjoy their new beds!