Soft & Raised Dog Beds In The UK

Your four-legged friend needs a good night’s sleep as much as you do, so provide your companion with a comfy place to snooze with our range of dog beds in the UK. No matter if you are shopping for a small or large breed, we have so many choices in our collection that will suit all pups. You can choose from soft dog beds in the UK, which promise to give your pooch the ultimate comfort and spot to laze during the day, or raised dog beds in the UK for a supported sleep and cooling air circulation. Whichever bed you choose, we guarantee that both you and your dog will love the peaceful sleep our quality dog beds provide. Browse our full range below and enjoy free shipping on orders over £55.

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Soft Dog Beds In The UK

Soft dog beds are a traditional choice when it comes to finding the perfect option for your canine companion. They are ideal for making cages and crates a little cosier, and the soft fabrics tend to retain scents better than others, so the bed truly becomes your dog’s own. They also allow your furry friend to really snuggle up and envelope themselves into plush surroundings for the ultimate comfort.

We provide soft dog beds in the UK for pooches in all shapes and sizes, such as the Rosewood Grey Cord Plush Dog Bed, which is available at 20 inches for the tiniest of chihuahuas, to the Lona Dog Bed in a size up to 31 inches. There is so much variety and so many different designs, so you can find the perfect soft dog beds in the UK right here.

Elevated & Raised Dog Beds In The UK

If your dog needs a little more support during their sleep, you may be interested in our elevated beds. There are a whole host of benefits to trying raised dog beds in the UK, including:

  • Air circulation to keep your dog cool and reduce the chances of mildew or odour
  • A decreased amount of debris finding its way into or under the bed
  • More comfort and easier to get out of for older dogs
  • A sturdy build with feet that won’t slide if your dog jumps into bed quickly
  • Reduced stress of elbow and hip pressure points

It is also key to remember that dogs love being elevated, and you can usually tell this by the stray hairs they leave behind on the sofa or your bed. By training a puppy from an early age to sleep on a raised bed, you can potentially reduce the amount of times they want to climb up on to the furniture.

Raised dog beds in the UK are ideal for dogs of all ages, and we provide a range of styles to suit a variety of needs. This includes the Henry Wag Elevated Dog Bed with a durable build, side panel walls to block any drafts, and a detachable fabric cover for easy cleaning. If your dog prefers to be by your side at all times, they might like the Hi K9 Raised Bed with extendable legs. This means that they can be comfortable and at a height that works for their needs.

The Best Dog Beds In The UK At An Affordable Price

At Canine Concepts, we have kept our prices affordable, but we ensure that all of the products we stock are of the highest quality, guaranteeing your dog’s comfort and increased wellbeing. We all like to know that our furry friends have the best care possible, which is why our range of dog beds in the UK focuses on providing exactly that.

All of our best dog beds in the UK have been carefully selected to suit a whole host of breeds and dog sizes, so every dog can enjoy their new bed. If you would like any help with choosing the ideal bed for your dog, get in touch with our team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you stock cooling mats for dogs?

Yes, we do stock cooling mats for dogs. We offer a range of sizes that are ideal for hot days to prevent your dog from getting too warm or uncomfortable.

Does your dog bed range include dog crate beds?

Our range of dog beds in the UK does include dog crate beds of all sizes to fit different crates and dogs. It is important your dog is not only comfortable when travelling in their dog crates, but also safe too.

Do you have beds suitable for older dogs?

Yes, we stock a variety of orthopaedic dog beds, as well as raised dog beds in the UK. The elevated style is much easier for older dogs to climb out of, so they would be a great option.

Are there self-warming dog beds available?

Yes, we stock self-warming dog beds that perfect for cold winter nights to keep your dog warm and comfortable on the best dog beds in the UK.