Leather, Retractable And Fabric Dog Leads

When you take your dog for a walk it’s a good idea to have a reliable and strong dog lead to attach them to. Not only does this help to keep them safe by traffic, but also around other dogs that they don’t know. Whether you have a nervous, friendly, young or old dog, it’s always considerate to other dog owners to have your dog on a lead or in a dog rucksack to avoid any disputes.

With our variety of dog leads, you can go on plenty of adventures with your dog and leave them tired and ready for their raised dog bed. Our selection of dog leads allows you to choose the best one for your walk, whether you need a dog bike lead, retractable dog lead, fabric dog leads or leather dog leads, you can find it in our collection at Canine Concepts. If you’re travelling by car to their favourite walk location, opting for a large dog crate for the journey will allow you to focus on the road. Browse our dog leads, below.

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Dog Bike Lead Range

If you want to ride your bike and take your dog for a walk, we have a dog bike lead range that is ideal. These allow you and your dog to get fit and enjoy your exercise together, which is a great bonding activity. Included in our dog bike lead and jogging leads range, is the Julius K9 Jogging Bag, which is ideal for carrying all your dog walking essentials, including dog treats and your mobile phone. The lightweight bag has been designed to be attached to either the Julius K9 jogging belt or Julius K9 harness, which attach you and your dog together. The jogging belt and harness are perfect for all breeds and fitness levels. The leash system has been created to ensure that the dog pulls equally on the owner’s waist, thus providing more mobility. Elastic has been embedded into the leash to help to reduce any chances of injury to the dog or the owner. Our dog bike lead and jogging lead collection on our site is popular with many dog owners, as they can exercise themselves and their dog at the same time.

Retractable Dog Lead Collection

If your dog isn’t obedient when they go off the lead, but you want to give them more freedom during your walk, then a retractable dog lead is ideal. You can shorten or lengthen the lead whether you are in an open space or walking on the pavement. This flexibility means that dogs can still stretch their legs and run around, but you can be sure that they’re safe when attached to a retractable dog lead.

In our dog lead collection at Canine Concepts, we stock duo belt retractable dog leads, allowing dog owners to walk two small dogs at once. The retractable dog lead is easy to attach, and secure for you and your dogs too.

Fabric Dog Leads

We have an extensive range of fabric dog leads, from original designed to flashing safety dog leads and training leads, so you can be sure to find a dog lead in our range to suit your dog. The prices of all of our dog lead ranges, including our fabric dog leads, are kept affordable, so all dog owners can ensure that utmost safety whilst walking their dog. We have a variety of lengths and colours for you to choose from when buying fabric dog leads, including accessories, such as the Scarab Beacon. This safety light helps to keep your safe, especially when visibility is poor.

If you would like more information about our fabric dog leads or any of our collection of leads, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can help you to find the right lead and accessories for your individual dog.