Dog Coats For All Occasions

Keep your four-legged friend warm and comfortable all year round, ready to join you in their dog rucksack on adventures whatever the weather! From dog raincoats to reflective dog coats, our selection of dog accessories come in all shapes and sizes.

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Dog Fleece Jumpers For Winter Months

Of course dogs have a nice fur coat to insulate them from the cold, but our furry friends still love to be outdoors and certain dogs will benefit from a coat more than others:

  • Small dogs are unsurprisingly much more in need of extra insulation. The small breads struggle to retain body heat during the chilly weather and will benefit from a dog fleece jumper and cosy dog beds UK.
  • Naturally lean breeds such as Greyhounds and Whippets should be wearing dog coats in the winter. They naturally tend to shiver easily in the cold and will be much happier with a cosy dog raincoat to keep them warm.
  • Puppies or older dogs may need more help maintaining their body temperature. Keep an eye on them during hot or cold weather and help them out as necessary, it may be worth investing into a dog fleece jumper.

Our Hotterdog dog fleece jumpers are the perfect winter wear; embracing your dogs torso, chest, front legs and to the base of the tail for maximum warmth. The top-quality fabric is machine washable and water repellent, plus it comes in different colours to choose from.

Dog Raincoats – Waterproof Dog Coats For All Sizes

As with dog fleece jumpers, waterproof dog coats are either loved or hated by dog owners. Again, this totally depends on your dog, many breeds thrive in rainy conditions but others could do with a helping hand. Puppies, elderly dogs, long-haired and short-haired dogs bring a higher risk of developing a cold in the cold rainy weather.

If nothing else, many dog owners opt for a dog raincoat to limit the amount of mud and water their dog brings in the home! As well as making your furry friend look absolutely adorable, it saves time having to towel dry them after a rainy walk.

Take a look at our 1Z waterproof dog coats with a built in harness for optimum cosiness and water resistance. This high-tech dog coat is designed like a ski jacket with innovative textiles to provide the best solution for your dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If My Dog Is Too Cold?

Dogs display when they are feeling cold in a similar way to humans. You may see them shiver, whining or becoming slow whilst searching for somewhere warmer to curl up. At this point it is best to take them home or invest in a dog fleece jumper to keep them warm.

Should My Dog Raincoat Be Reflective?

Hi-vis reflective dog coats are a great safety measure when taking them our in the dark or in poor weather conditions. Especially if your dog is known to dash out into the road, it is always better to be safe than sorry! We offer multiple reflective dog coats ranging from our reflective dog waist coat to our reflective dog life jacket which keeps them safe whilst splashing around in the water.

How Else Can I Keep My Dog Warm And Dry In The Winter?

When your dog is indoors, keep their dog fleece jumper off until they go outdoors to avoid them acclimatising and keep the warm blankets for once they get back indoors. Ideally dogs would sleep indoors during the cold months, or at least a waterproof kennel with a dog raincoat to protect them from the elements.

What Other Kinds Of Dog Clothing Do You Stock?

Our website is extensive and can ensure your dog is fully kitted out. Whether you need a new harness or you’re looking to try out some dog boots, there is plenty to choose from with Canine Concepts.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

If you order before 2pm Monday to Friday your order will be sent out on the same day. Read more about our different delivery options here or receive free economy shipping if you spend over £55.