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Dog Boots

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... description continued... 2. How big and active is your dog? Bigger and more active dogs wear down dog boots quicker than smaller and less active dogs. 3. Are the dog shoes for long or short term? Are you just trying to protect a paw injury until it heals, or are you treating a long-term paw condition that will require a dog boot for an extended period? 4. Do the dog boots need to be water resistant? It is almost impossible to keep a paw completely dry, but some dog boots are better at this than others. Alternatively, it may be that you need the boots to allow the injury to breathe. 5. When is the dog boot required? Are the dog boots for indoors or outdoors use? Perhaps you just need to prevent your dog from slipping on hard or laminate flooring. If the dog shoes are for outdoors, are you walking on a lot of hard surfaces or does you dog scramble through brambles a lot?