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Every dog is unique and special, meaning that they all require different accessories for their walks. Whether it’s a harness, dog rucksack a rain suit dog coat or a no bark collar, we have all the dog accessories you could think of, all in one place.

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Affordable Dog Accessories UK

The dog boots we stock have proven to be a popular dog accessory and they look adorable too! Whether you want to keep your dog’s feet dry, warm or clean, these boots are ideal. These dog accessories come in a variety of different styles and designs to suit the requirements of the dogs. From active protective boots to disposable rubber boots, choosing a protective boot for your dog has never been easier! You can even buy non-slip dog socks, which are perfect if you want to keep your floors and furniture from scratch marks. If your dog has small wounds, these socks can prevent them from licking or biting their paws, making them perfect accessories for dogs.

Included in our range of dog accessories are the popular saddle side bags, which come with padding for additional comfort and zip side pockets for convenience. Ideal for hiking and trekking, every dog owner should consider this equipment for their dog walks.

Dog Rugs, Blankets And Coats

During the colder and wetter months of the year, many dog owners choose to put their dogs in a rug; from cooling rugs, fleece rugs, reflective, rainsuit and night-bright LED jacket. Therefore, we have ensured that our dog accessories UK range is affordable and extensive so everyone can treat their dogs to a safe and more enjoyable walk. When the weather is miserable and the nights get darker sooner, dogs still need to be walked. However, during this time, it can be difficult for cars to see dogs, which is why the reflective and night-bright LED jacket are so beneficial. For extra night walking safety, the bone shaped collar light, safety light band, flashing dog collar and Scarab Beacon are ideal and will ensure that oncoming dog walkers and vehicles can see your dog at all times. After these cold and wetter walks in the dark, the dry dog bag is perfect for warming your dog up as quickly as possible and ensuring that all the mud is off the dog before they get into their dog beds UK. Our dog rugs, coats and blankets are popular in our dog accessories range, particularly during the winter when the temperatures drop significantly.

Car Safety Accessories For Dogs

For some dog owners, going for a dog walk means that you need to put your dog in the car to get the woods or field, or maybe you want to take them to a new location for their walk. However, it’s vital that your dog is always safe during transit. Therefore, we have a variety of different seat belts and dog safety car harnesses in our range of dog accessories to keep your dog secure in the car, regardless of how long the journey is. What’s more, we have a number of large dog crates, including the Trixie- Aluminium Dog Crate, which ensures that your dog can’t cause a danger to either themselves or you whilst driving. With plenty of space for them to lie down on the blanket of your choice, dogs can feel and be safe with this affordable dog accessory.

High Quality Dog Accessories

Whether you’re getting a new dog, or you want to treat your best pal to a new collar, we have a range of different colours in stock for you to choose from. With a variety of designs and patterns, your furry friend can strut their stuff on your walk in their new, well-fitted collar from dog accessories collection. You can even choose a lead to match the collar, with a padded handle so your hands don’t get damaged when your dog gets a little excited on their walk! If your dog would benefit from a harness better, we have a harness for puppies and dogs that come in different colours and even available in a reflective design.

Browse our range of dog accessories UK and kit your puppy or dog out in the perfect attire for trekking across fields and playing in parks. Our widespread range of dog accessories has everything you could want for your dog or puppy – even a dog tuxedo and inflatable collar! If you would like more information about our products or some help to find what you are looking for, get in touch with our helpful and expert team, today.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Dog Accessories Do You Sell?

At Canine Concepts, we have a variety of dog accessories, including leads, rugs, coats and car safety accessories. Browse our range to find the best accessories for your dog.

Do You Stock Harnesses and Collars For Dogs?

Yes we do by leading brands. Our harnesses and collars are suitable for dogs of all breeds, so all dog owners can benefit from our extensive range.

Are Rugs and Coats Beneficial For Dogs?

Yes! Not only do they help to keep them clean and warm during wet or muddy weather conditions, but some are even suitable for late night walks in poor visibility to make them more visible. We have a wide range of dog rugs and coats, making it easier than ever to find the perfect one for your dog.

Do You Have Dog Accessories That Are Suitable For Poor Weather Conditions?

Yes our rugs and coats are perfect for poor weather conditions and will keep them warm and dry whilst it is cold or raining.