Dog Feeding Bowls And Feeders

At Canine Concepts, we have an extensive range of dog feeding bowls and dog accessories for you to choose from, including travel bowls for their dog travel crate, automatic pet feeders, pet fountains and treat bags. When it comes to choosing the best dog feeding bowls and feeders for your dog, it’s important that you consider the material of the bowl and feeder and whether you want raised dog feeding bowls.

Browse our collection of dog feeders and bowls to find the one best suited for your dog, below.

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Benefits Of Raised Dog Feeding Bowls

Raised dog feeding bowls come with a number of benefits for your four-legged friend that will help with how the dog eats and their comfort. Raised dog feeding bowls in our range can help to improve the comfort and posture of a dog, in a similar way to a raised dog bed UK, especially if the dog has a joint, neck or back problem. This is because the raised bowls will help your dog to eat and drink in a more natural position, as they won’t have to stretch or bend to reach the water or food as much. These raised dog feeding bowls also help to improve the ease of swallowing for dogs with arthritis or dysplasia and can slow down speedy eaters. At Canine Concepts, we have a variety of elevated and raised dog feeding bowls for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your dog. The Petmate Easy Reach Diner Raised Dog Bowl will allow your dog to eat in a comfortable position and benefit from the more improved digestion.

A popular choice in our range of raised dog feeding bowls is the Rosewood Adjustable Double Diner Raised Dog Feeder, which allows you to adjust the bowls to the perfect height for our dog, so they won’t have to eat at floor level again.

Choosing Dog Feeders And Bowls

Choosing the best dog feeders and bowls depends on every dog. For example, the Trixie Le Bistro Automatic Pet Feeder is ideal if you need to feed your dog whilst you aren’t at home; simply set the timer and the feeder will disperse the food into the bowl. Dog feeders are also beneficial if your dog requires feeding three times a day in order to help them gain weight. Additionally, the Aspen Pet Anti-Skid Slow Feed Bowl helps to prevent bloating and encourages the dog to chew their food properly, which aids better digestion. Due to the design of the dog bowl, they are unable to grab large mouthfuls at once and eat the meal too quickly. The rubber base on this dog bowl helps to prevent any sliding or tipping too, so the dog doesn’t waste their food.

At Canine Concepts, in addition to dog feeders, we also have a Dog Mate Large Pet Fountain and Chill Out Ice Track and Thirst Cruncher that are great for maximising the appeal of drinking, by providing the dog with multi-height levels for driving. The Chill Out Ice Track is perfect for keeping dogs cool on hot days; put the silicon balls in the freezer and open to remove the ice balls on a hot day and place them on the track.

If you would like more information about our range of dog feeders and bowls, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, today.