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Make your dog look sad

Dog Trick 4. “Sad”

This is really cute, teach your dog to look sad.


This one is also surprisingly easy to teach, although it always takes a few sessions before dogs fully grasp it:

  • Lie your dog down in front of you.
  • You first get your dog to touch the area in front of him with his nose. As with the “close the door” trick, you do this by lightly rubbing a treat on the ground in front of him. When your dog goes to smell the ground, praise and treat him (better still, press your clicker and treat him).
  • Repeat this a few times then introduce the command word “SAD”.
  • After he gets the hang of this, start to delay giving the treat for a short period, thus extending the time he needs to hold the position. He will gradually be able to do this with the command alone.