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Lowchen (Little Lion Dog) Dog Breed


Category: Toy
Origin: France
Other Names:
Size: Small
Lifespan: 13-14 years
Living Area: Any
Exercise: Low
Grooming: High

French in origin, this spunky breed is a true European, with progenitors throughout the countries of southern Europe. It was popular in Italy, Spain, France and Germany as early as the 1500’s. Its popularity continued through the 1800’s. Goya is one of many artists to have featured the L÷wchen on canvas. With the coming of the 20th century and the two World Wars, the popularity of the L÷wchen waned. By 1960, they were granted the title “rarest breed” by the Guinness Book of World records. No longer, however, do they win the dubitable claim to fame as the “rarest breed.”

Although this breed has its origins in France, it was popular in Italy, Spain and Germany as early as the 1500’s. the 20th Century brought reduced popularity and the title the ‘rarest breed’ by the Guinness Book of World Records. This is no longer the case and these lively dogs are now popular companions and well suited to living in flats and apartments. These dogs are affectionhate and show little sign of aggression.

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