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5th October 2018

My dog makes me laugh. He usually has little interest...

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1st October 2018

Like humans, dogs understand the concept of possession and ownership...

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8th September 2018

5 Benefits of Dog Boots If you mentioned having boots...

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Lagotto Romagnolo Dog Breed


Category: gundog
Origin: Italy
Other Names:
Size: Medium
Lifespan: 11-13 years
Living Area: Rural
Exercise: High
Grooming: Medium

These are an ancient breed dating from the 16th century in the Comacchio valleys and the Ravenna lagoons of Italy. It is the only breed specialised in the finding of truffles on most terrains. They are of small to medium sized and have a stocky build. There outstanding sense of smell and searching instinct is highly evolved and they have little chase instinct. These are affectionate and get strongly attached to there master.