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Dog flatulence and how to tackle it

Tips for dog flatulence

Believe it or not, ‘dog farting’ is one of the most searched for dog related terms on the Internet – even more so than ‘dog flatulence’!

Dog FlatulenceAnyway, call it what you like, dog flatulence can be an embarrassing problem, particularly in larger breed dogs. I have a very gentle and elderly Great Dane called Dexter, who really knows how to let his presence be known, particularly when guests are around.

What are the causes and the solutions for dog flatulence?

Well, pretty much the same as what causes human flatulence:

Eating or gulping food too fast

Dogs that rush their food, take in a lot of air at the same time. There are now clever dog bowls that help slow down the consumption of food by making it difficult for them to get large mouthfuls (see ‘Related Products’ below). You may also want to try changing feed times and frequency, i.e. from 1-2 times a day, to 2-3 times a day. Also, a simple walk within 30 minutes of eating can help move those gasses along more quickly, allowing him to emit them outdoors.

Eating human food

Feeding your dog scraps from dinner plates is very tempting when they look at you with their big wide eyes. Well, if your dog has a flatulence problem, then this needs to stop. Particularly if the scraps are foods like beans, sprouts, peas, soy, dairy, peas, beans and fruit, etc. Probiotics (or ‘friendly bacteria’) can also help with digestion, but use a high-quality dog probiotic or a herbal remedy that is suitable for dogs (see related items below).

Eating poor quality food

One of the biggest factors in dog flatulence is poor quality dog food. This is one area where Dog Flatulencethe more expensive it is, the better it is. Foods such as Burns and Arden Grange are excellent, but there are some other good ones out there as well. Although, neither of these completely solves Dexter’s flatulence. So if you, have had good results with certain foods, let us know below.

Medical Problems

You cant rule out a medial problem when it comes to dog flatulence. So, if it is excessive and persists for a prolonged period, or your dog is showing other signs of illness, consult your vet. It’s important to ensure that your dog has been checked for fleas and ticks, a dog with fleas and ticks will have a nervous disposition which can contribute to flatulence -Frontline for Dogs is a good product to use for getting rid of fleas and ticks.

Whether your dog has chronic flatulence or simply passes excessive gas every now and then, it’s always a good idea to take him to the vet to ensure everything is in order. Even though flatulence isn’t dangerous, it can be a symptom of something serious.