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How to Stop Destructive Dog Digging

5th October 2018

My dog makes me laugh. He usually has little interest...

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Why does my dog guard food, toys and beds

1st October 2018

Like humans, dogs understand the concept of possession and ownership...

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5 Benefits of Dog Boots

8th September 2018

5 Benefits of Dog Boots If you mentioned having boots...

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Bracco Italiano Dog Breed


Category: gundog
Origin: Italy
Other Names:
Size: Large
Lifespan: 12-13 years
Living Area: Rural
Exercise: High
Grooming: Low

These dogs are strong, well balanced and very powerful. With there origins in hunting, they are capable of working in all types f terrain. Their square, well muscled and deep chest gives them an almost noble appearance. They are adaptable, gentle and even tempered.

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