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Avoiding Common Dog Grooming Mistakes

2nd November 2018

Avoiding Common Dog Grooming Mistakes Regardless of the breed of...

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Dog digging pit

How to Stop Destructive Dog Digging

5th October 2018

My dog makes me laugh. He usually has little interest...

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Why does my dog guard food, toys and beds

1st October 2018

Like humans, dogs understand the concept of possession and ownership...

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Alleviating Travel Anxiety in Your Dog

If you are a dog owner like myself, then you’ll likely want to take your pet everywhere with you, wherever possible. This might be a short trip into town, a longer trip out in the car to visit family over the Christmas holidays, a journey to the vet via the London Underground, or a train…

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How to Choose the Right Dog Travel Crate for Your Dog

How to Choose the Right Dog Travel Crate for Your Dog So you’ve chosen a destination for your holiday in France with your pooch, or you’ve landed the perfect job…but it’s abroad. What do you do about your travelling with your dog? Thanks to the introduction of the Pet Passport, travel with your dog is…

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Travel by Train with your Dog

With the summer season upon us and the UK train providers offering discounts on journeys to some of Britain’s best beaches and national parks, you might be hankering after an outdoor adventure.  But is it possible to travel on trains with your dog? And how can you make the journey the most stress free it…

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