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Recognising and Helping Overweight and Obese Dogs

27th July 2018

Recognising and Helping Overweight and Obese Dogs We’ve all been...

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How to Keep your Dog Cool on a Hot Day

13th July 2018

I’ve been incredibly lucky to travel and live in many...

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Alleviating Travel Anxiety in Your Dog

29th June 2018

If you are a dog owner like myself, then you’ll...

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Keeping your dog safe this Christmas

Pet safety tips for the Christmas holidays Just as the firework season is a dangerous period for your dog, the Christmas holidays also bring a range of new challenges for your pet. According to veterinarians, Christmas is one of the most risky times of the year for pets. You want to enjoy the holiday season…

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Troubling pet poisonings

A steep increase in UK pet poisonings: Troubling toxins Many dog and cat owners in the UK are unaware that pet poisonings have risen a shocking 73% over the past five years according to a recent article published on the Express website. Some of these conditions and deaths are intentional and others are accidental. The…

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