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Avoiding Common Dog Grooming Mistakes

2nd November 2018

Avoiding Common Dog Grooming Mistakes Regardless of the breed of...

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Dog digging pit

How to Stop Destructive Dog Digging

5th October 2018

My dog makes me laugh. He usually has little interest...

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Why does my dog guard food, toys and beds

1st October 2018

Like humans, dogs understand the concept of possession and ownership...

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5 Benefits of Dog Boots

5 Benefits of Dog Boots If you mentioned having boots for your dog 10 years ago, everyone would think you were crazy! But, the popularity of dog booties has grown recently and not just because your furry friend will look adorable in them. In fact, dog boots are more about function and not just fun…

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Keeping your dog safe this Christmas

Pet safety tips for the Christmas holidays Just as the firework season is a dangerous period for your dog, the Christmas holidays also bring a range of new challenges for your pet. According to veterinarians, Christmas is one of the most risky times of the year for pets. You want to enjoy the holiday season…

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Troubling pet poisonings

A steep increase in UK pet poisonings: Troubling toxins Many dog and cat owners in the UK are unaware that pet poisonings have risen a shocking 73% over the past five years according to a recent article published on the Express website. Some of these conditions and deaths are intentional and others are accidental. The…

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